Uttarakhand Style Bedroom

Dehradun is one of the cities of Uttarakhand, known for its roots of divinity. The state of Uttarakhand is deeply immersed in the cultural divinity of art forms. Being a part of the Land of Gods, Dehradun has a lot to inspire you to reflect its culture through its art forms. One of the most authentic depictions of Hindu gods is found in Dehradun. Additionally, many Indian poets and writers from abroad have drawn inspiration from the land of Dehradun. If you are looking for artistic inspiration, the Garhwal paintings are an absolute inspiration in that area.

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A Dehradun Style Bedroom Designed with Art and Craft Reflecting Cultural Heritage

Dehradun has the propensity of depicting its artwork in the most subtle way possible. It reflects the divinity of gods and cultures of the state that remains sophisticated through the modernized touch of 21st Century designers. Classic Garhwal paintings depicting the Murals of Aipan and Peeth add to the elegance of your living space at home. A Dehradun-style bedroom typically looks like a heavenly abode of a stairway to comfort, luxury, wealth, and richness with indulgence and subtle lighting.

Artistic Garhwal Paintings
Colors Inspired by Nature
Quality Wooden Furniture

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