The Manipuri Way Of Life In Your Kitchen And Dining Room

Manipur is a land of culture and traditions that the rest of India cannot compete with. The land holds its tribal heritage close to its heart, keeping its influence on dance, tradition, and art. Such a considerable influence doesn’t go unnoticed even when it comes to design. A Manipuri touch to any room will be an exercise in tradition and modernity – that is to say, one that is difficult to achieve. But, the vibrancy and appreciation of nature that comes through in a Manipuri touch are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

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Invite in the Manipuri Theme

The tribal influence in Manipur is long-lasting and present everywhere one looks. The themes present in their intricate artwork, food, and more make for a beautiful design in any kitchen or dining room. A large part of the Manipuri culture is a rich appreciation for nature. In a dining room and kitchen, this appreciation will not go amiss. Since creation is also a large part of the Manipuri way of life, it finds its way into the design. The right people will bring together aestheticism and appreciation for nature deep-rooted in the culture.

The wooden finish accentuates the rustic interiors of the dining and kitchen area.
Adding a mild tone to the ceiling complements the serene, inviting ambient space.
Color – Chapel Grey
A compact dining table suffices for a quality lunch/dinner time with your family.
Wooden-textured flooring creates a distinct dining area while matching the texture and pattern of the kitchen.

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