Give your living area a bohemian look with Goa-specific design ideas

The tranquillity of the shades of Goa lies in the detailed knick-knacks placed inside the house. The wooden pieces of different shapes and sizes reflect a state-specific glitter of Goa that fills the whole room. All the articles are different from each other but still complement each other as if they belong together while filling the room with a sense of togetherness. The brick pattern on the wall adds rustic value while the white colour reflects subtleness. The high-end TV unit swims in the ocean of modernity whereas, the wooden pieces flashes rawness. This curates the foundation of Goa in itself wherein, the raw meets the modern. The colourful rug holds the room in harmony and adds up to the warmth of the place.

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Posey Green

Day Light

The Perfect Colour Companion

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Get the modish designs of Goa in your house

With a d├ęcor inspired by Goa, you can bring the bohemian vibes to your living area. Embed the freshness of coastal regions of Goa with the wall textures that resemble the same. Elevating the standards and being a top-notch design, the textures inspired by Goa are always in demand and can be placed in any house to provide them with a modish interior.

Floor- Tin Glazed Ceramic Tiles
Plants in living area

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