The lifestyle of Delhi in your Living Room!

Delhi, the capital city of India, is known for its distinctive taste and rightly so because of the vibrancy that this place offers. On one side you get a glimpse of the old forts and one the other you get to experience the grandeur of modern architecture, design and colours. The interior of the houses in Delhi sport a very modernistic outlook, rich in colours and contemporary design elements that make the whole room come alive.

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Cane Sugar

Blue Spark


Strawberry Fields

Sweet Violet

The Perfect Colour Companion

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Want a Living Room that reminds you of Delhi?

The nation’s capital has a class of its own and the people of Delhi sure know how to spend on an extravagant lifestyle! Getting an interior of your Living Room that reflects the aura and designing sense of Delhi is as easy as that, provided you know your colours and designs. A little mismatch may make the whole thing look weird, while as with the right combination, the whole setup comes to life.

An even looking plane ceiling in the lightest of colours so that it gives a sense of space as well as brightens the room a lot. A light ceiling also complements the brighter shades of the room!
Color – Sweet Violet
A bright red wall to immediately make the room gorgeous with a complementing yellow shade to further enhance and increase depth of the room.
Color – Strawberry Fields
Clean-edged and comfortable sofa in light colour but with colourful and designer cushions to make the entire set perfect.
A contemporary wheel design lamp on the wall is something that one with a premium taste will definitely like. Not just great looking, it also adds to the ambience of the room.
The floor in this kind of setups always looks better if totally carpeted. A posh looking chequered carpet in dark shade lifts up the wall even more.
White curtains always do the trick to make the room brighter and spacious. Making sure to couple it up with dark designer curtains that completes the look.

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