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Not just colours, shades or design patterns, the Rajasthani outlook of bright colours and patterns are reflected even in the region’s dishes and delicacies. Hence, the interior of the kitchen also generally sports a bright colourful and patterned outlook that gels well with the theme of the house and even the taste of the food. A lively and vibrant place, at times, also warrants for tasty and wholesome food!

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When it comes to food, perfection is of utmost importance! Just like a religious place invokes a sense of spirituality, the kitchen in the house should also invoke a sense of hunger and taste. A rich colourful design with contrasting shades inspired by the regional cultural designs and colours can make your kitchen look amazing. Find the right shade and design patterns can be a challenge but with the right combination and desired output, it is always worth the effort.

The walls can either sport a rich dark colour in contrast with ceiling and floor or a continuous tone from the ceiling for a more soothing vibe.
Color – Waveland
Considering it is a kitchen, a wooden bind goes well with the overall outlook and also is easier to clean and maintain.
Flooring should be of light-coloured designer tiles so as to put more emphasis on the surrounding design, patterns and shades.
Solid coloured wooden cupboards with carved designs give the Rajasthani kitchen the perfect feel of the regional taste.
Color – Amphibia
A normal dark shaded marble slab is perfect as it effectively draws a line in the mid-segment of the kitchen dividing the lower part from the upper.

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