A Taste Of Kashmir In Your Kitchen And Dining Room

The beautiful landscape of Kashmir is only matched up with the vibrancy and unique culture of its people. The cultural climate and melting pot of cultures in the land has led to an increasing amount of art and craft to come out of the paradise-like land. Living around that much beauty, it is only natural to incorporate the same into homes.

Artists and artisans alike create masterpieces that fit beautifully into kitchens and dining rooms of all kinds. The bright, beautiful paintings and otherworldly sculptures make a refined touch to a dining room. Apart from being an attractive conversation piece, the Kashmiri touch to a dining room improves the overall ambience of the rooms.

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Young Mermaid

Robin’s Breast

Chapel Grey

The Perfect Colour Companion

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A Much Needed Kashmiri Touch

Having such bright and unique patterns, colours, and accessories in a dining room and kitchen is the best way to embody the fizzing nature of Kashmir's culture. It contributes to a warm family atmosphere that is perfect for any dining room or kitchen. The atmosphere built up with the strategic use of warm colours and appreciation for nature lends itself well to events—big and small. With this in mind, A Kashmiri theme for any kitchen or dining room is the right choice.

Combining shades of the orange wall with a natural green marble staircase gives your home a calmer, cosy vibe.
The simple yet sophisticated Chinese style iron birdcage chandelier exudes a warm, relaxing ambience for a peaceful dining experience.
While bright orange denotes vivacity and energetic atmosphere, you can use a milder shade of orange to reflect warmth in your dining and kitchen room.
Colour – Robin’s Breast
Rustic wooden flooring creates a classic statement and never goes out of fashion! You can choose the contemporary deep and rich dark floor tones with warm wall colours.

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