Give Your Living Room a Vibrant Punjabi Vibe!

Known for the vibrant colorful culture, most of the Punjabi families now go with a contemporary or modern décor infused with traditional elements. The design blends vernacular and colonial design components reflecting an earthy feel. The expansive floor-to-ceiling partitions, embroidered cushions, lively colors with a pinch of shimmer and a beautifully decorated living area with a chandelier is what make it a perfect Punjabi décor. One can often see earthy tone colors like ochre yellows, greens, and blues in the interiors. Carved cabinets are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics.

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Green Apple


Indian Sand


Night Horizon

Ultra Suede

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You can never go wrong with any one of our interior paints. They will help you make your house your dream home.

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Here’s what you need to design a classic Punjabi décor!

Premium Baroque Styled furniture, lavish interior with a floral touch is synonymous with the perfect look and feel. Traditionally printed dhurrie or floor rugs are also one of the must-haves. The living rooms are usually connected with the open plan kitchen with the soothing white-colored furniture complimenting the peace and calm. The grandeur of the space is multiplied by infused light filtering in from the skylight on the false ceiling and illuminated by a beautiful chandelier and a marble flooring complimenting it all.

Premium Baroque Styled Furniture
Giving the interiors a lavish look and fell
Earthy Color Tones
Shades complimenting the interior decor
Color – Night Horizon
Infused Light Filtering
False ceiling illuminating the space making the chandelier look even more beautiful

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