The Dining Room With A Bihari Influence

The small town of Mithila in Bihar brought out one of the most prolific art forms in India. A Madhubani painting is easy to spot and makes a lasting impression on its audience. Every vibrant, unique geometric piece comes together perfectly to form an image like no other. The dining rooms of the state reflect the same vibrancy and uniqueness seen in their artwork.

When exposed to such vibrant artwork from a young age, it is only understandable that it translates into home design. The artists and architects of the state bring their unique geometry and colours to the forefront of their work. Every room is created with art, aesthetics, and pleasure in mind. From stunning blues to contrasting wood, the paintings of the state are reflected in the dining rooms of its locals.

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A Bit of Bihar in Your Dining Room

Despite the vibrancy of the rooms, you’ll always see understated elements that reflect another vital aspect of Bihari art and culture. The artists of Bihar know how to keep the essential elements in the limelight. They highlight the crucial elements of the kitchen and the dining room with ease and accent colours.

A mild colour combination adds vibrance, health and freshness, which suits the dining space’s aura.
Colour – Yucca
Complement the overall ambience of the dining area with a subtle yet alluring chandelier that goes in sync with the mellow palette of the interior.
The sombre tone of the dining table goes well with the overall ambience of the dining room and syncs with the wall colours.

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