UP Styled Kids’ Room

Uttar Pradesh is marked to be the epitome of Hindu culture. Being the witness of ancient Hindu civilization, the state has built its structures with ideas from ancient civilizations. The Mahabharata and Ramayana have most of their roots in UP. As such, the sculptures and cultural artwork of UP reflect the true nature of Indian beliefs. Additionally, the home designs and aesthetics of the state can be seen to be reflecting the ancient culture with a blend of modernization.

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A Kid’s Bedroom Design in Uttar Pradesh

The bedroom of any UP inhabitant stays true to the culture. However, a kid’s room is ever so influenced while also remaining open to the visionary changes in the culture. The designers use the base of Indian culture while highlighting its prominence with modern artwork by remarkable artists. If you have visited a UP home, you would understand the colour ideas for their bedrooms. But a kid’s room makes a consideration blended with the likes of a kid. Using accessories that make a unique combination of modern ideas with tints of ancient culture, the designers keep it accurate to the base of UP home designs.

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