Reminisce India’s Ancient Past with Hyderabadi Styled Living Room!

One can experience a swarming urban cocktail of colors, traditions, commerce, and most impressive architecture toppling over this pearl city. The interiors of this hi-tech city, despite all its modern glitz and glam still crush over or let’s say fall in love with traditional designs. Homes decorated with antique accents, understated modern elements, decked-up balconies, and pooja units keep the roots of the modern homeowners fastened. Traditionally styled interior with a modern twist is now gaining wide popularity. Create a typical Hyderabadi décor with the design inspirations to make it look mesmerizing.

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Where Style Meets Tradition!

It’s the minute details that create magic when it comes to designing a Hyderabadi-styled interior. Antique accents, wooden furniture, and vibrant colors are essentials to design an interior that compliments the spirit of the city. The city is now a melting pot of big families and young techie couples that blends the two generations. It has given birth to a style that’s a perfect and elegant balance of traditional and modern interiors. The living room tells you what a true Hyderabadi interior looks like. Designed with an antique chandelier, marble flooring, royal furniture set, a stylish centre table, bright colors, and a false ceiling with cove lighting binds the space together.

Unconventional Chandelier
Increasing the grandeur of the interiors
Beautifully Designed False Ceiling
With cove lights binding the space together
Rich Marble Flooring
With stylish pattern adding to the room’s beauty

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