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Exquisite designs, rich handicrafts, artistic corners, tranquility propping up your wall and splendid wooden finish interior designs together makes a perfect Kashmiri décor inspiration. Colorful and beautiful kashida inspired by the nature around makes the bedroom look soothing. Motifs of flowers, creepers and chinar leaves, mango, etc. are the most popular ones when it comes to the decoration. Fine quality wall tapestry along with handmade patterns of pure Kashmiri silk rugs and carpets makes the place a warm delight. Colors that match and go in sync with the beautiful natural colors of Kashmir decked up on walls completes the whole experience.

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Sun Tea

Malted Milk

Carib Green


Old Spice

Damask Rose




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Inspiring décor ideas to bring the beauty of Kashmir Valley home!

India holds a plethora of inspirations and leaves one spoiled for choices when it comes it choose from the diverse cultures and traditions. The major plus is, each destination comes with its unique style and beauty elements that one can easily bring home and choose the favorite home interiors. If your home aesthetics yearns for an aura that is serene and soothing, it’s time to bring home the Kashmiri elements. Inspired by Persian and Arabic aesthetics, Kashmiri decor is all about carved woods, plush rugs, rich fabrics, and most importantly serene vibe. We provide you the best décor inspirations to match its beauty.

The best of Indian traditional woodcraft
Floral motifs bring close to the natural beauty of Kashmir
Soothing wall paint hues to make your space a literal heaven
Color – Pinecone
Flower vase to compliment the floriculture of Kashmir
Walnut wood handcraft to bring out the true essence of Kashmir

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