Walls have ears, peep into your spaces and reflect your inner self. Other than that, painting serves as a primary defence against weather, insects and external factors. Painting is not about a few tools, but a little instruction and a unique vision of your mind. Every colour stroke is a journey of its own and painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

Easy it may sound but house painting is a tiresome task which involves many deliberations. There are a plethora of companies to choose from that provides the best interior and exterior paint coverage. With a motto of “HAR COLOUR KUCH KEHTA HAI” British Paints is crafting this colourful world ensuring uniqueness with its stretched range of products, ranging from decorative paints like texture and enamel.

⦁    Exterior Emulsions – Further, judging a book by its cover is a common mistake we all do, here also exterior paint reflects home value. Neglecting peeling exterior paints not only lead to high replacement costs but also make it an unattractive property for a buyer. Looking for unscathed exterior walls, then Exterior Emulsions by British Paints is a great choice for your exterior makeover. Interlinked polymer emulsion paints provide you with a wide variety of exterior emulsions like ‘Expa Cool’ with enhanced cooling, ‘Expa 7’ for 100% Acrylic Emulsion, ‘Shingar Max’ for a water-based finish, ‘Shingar Advanced’ with silicon acrylic formula, is available in 2000+ shades ensuring ultimate protection for your exteriors. Some of its promised features are:

⦁    Sealed Imperfections

⦁    Fungus and Bacteria Resistant

⦁    Water-Resistant

⦁    Dirt and Dust Resistant

⦁    UV Protection

⦁    Colour Guard

⦁    Enhanced Formula

⦁    2000+ Shades

⦁    Ultra-Durable

⦁    Perfectly Finished walls

⦁    Interior Emulsions – Want your loved ones to brag about your premium interior makeover? Interior Emulsions by British Paints is an ideal choice. British Paints provides you with a wide range of Interior Emulsions like ‘Sheer Class splendour Emulsion’ with a soft and silky sheen, ‘Glamour Advanced Anti Stain’ with water-based acrylic formula, ‘Glamour Sheen’ with an acrylic binder and antifungal properties, super economical ‘Master Blaster’, ‘Sheer Class Metallic Eco’ for a water-based metallic finish, ‘Sheer Class Non-Metallic paints’ with water-based Non-Metallic finish, ‘Pearl Lustre’ with special resins making your interiors speak. Some of its promised features are:

⦁    Brush Mark Free

⦁    Better Finish

⦁    Anti-fungal

⦁    Highly Durable

⦁    Glossy Finish (Metallic)

⦁    Washable Paints

⦁    Value for money

⦁    Thousands of Shades

⦁    Warranty

⦁    Matte Finish (Non-Metallic)

⦁    Enamel Paints – British Paints provides you with a wide variety of quick-drying oil-based Enamel Paints, leaving a smooth glossy finish over wood and metals. ‘Glo Advance’ for hard mirror-like gloss, ‘Satin Advanced’ for a matte finish, ’20-20 Synthetic enamel’ with rich solvent-based formula, ‘Yak Enamel’ for super flow levelling properties and ‘Shield Enamel’ for the economical finish. Some of its promised features are:

⦁    Better Performance

⦁    Hard Film

⦁    Washable Paints

⦁    Smooth Finish

⦁    Quick Drying

⦁    Warranty

⦁    Highly Durable

⦁    Premium Quality

⦁    Economical

⦁    Enhanced Formula

⦁    Distemper – British Paints provides you with an economical way for an interior makeover with “Acri Silk” Distemper Application laying out an exquisite collection of pastel shades and tinted whites ensuring premium matt and clean finish. Some of its promised features are:

⦁    Clean Shades

⦁    Value for Money

⦁    Matt Finish

⦁    Water-Based Formula

⦁    Pastel Shades

⦁    Odourless

⦁    Quick Drying

⦁    Colour Guard

⦁    Economical

⦁    Consistent

⦁    Texture Paints – Engraved lines, hard finish, robust oats are some features of these types of paints specially developed to provide a unique pattern to your interior. All of that can be done by British Paints “Expa Tex” composed of high-quality acrylic resins, pigments, and inhibitive aggregates. Some of its promised features are:

⦁    Algae Resistance

⦁    Fungal Resistance

⦁    Enhanced Pattern

⦁    Heavy coat

⦁    Warranty

⦁    Robust

⦁    Highly Durable

⦁    Elegant Design

⦁    Free Consultation

⦁    Rough Finish

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