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Blue and White: The Most Popular Colours for Interiors?
Design 09.12.2021

Blue and White: The Most Popular Colours for Interiors?

Are you getting your house renovated? Looking for some of the best and popular colour options? Well, no worries because we are here to help you!

This blog will look at the most popular colours used on interior walls and give options you can choose from. Furthermore, we will also address some of the other colours preferred by people all over the globe. Let's jump in.

Overall Choice

Whenever we talk about classic colours, blue always comes to our mind. Shades like aqua blue, bright blue, deep blue, greenish-blue all go well with white.

Navy blue and white have been appetite improvers for a very long time. They are great fits for the dining room or the kitchen's interior wall colours.

You might even find a combination known as the chalky blue, giving a very classy look to many walls. It is a mix of blue, white, and grey and has a velvety shade used as a neutral.

Chalky Blue goes perfectly with white trim and can even be more impactful with the other black and rich accents. Not just that, you can use chalky blue with a monochromatic palette with other blue-grey combinations as well. These combinations can be on both the darker and lighter domain.

Blue and white combinations will never go out of style. Still, it is essential to understand that their effectiveness largely depends on the paint brand you buy. Quality is a huge deal maker or breaker in this case. It can either bring the luster we all love or look bland as well.

Other Options

There are some other really popular colour options in the market as well. If blue and white aren't your ideal choice, we have other colours that can go well on your interior walls.

Pastel Colours

All the colours that are soft, pale, and light are referred to as Pastel Colours. For example, baby pink, light purple, pale bleach, light yellow, and powder blue.

While a kid's room could be a bright blue or a lively pink, a bedroom would be nice with a soft peach or light orange shade. According to Feng Shui, orange and red colours are substantial in lending happiness to a room; this makes things feel more inviting and welcoming.

Colours like pastel ones can be used on all four walls. Yes, they are subtle enough to be covering your entire room while giving positive vibes at the same time.

You can also use light purple that can be assimilated with accent colours such as white or grey. Pastel colours are a win-win for people who like it simple yet with a dash of elegance.

Deep Maroons and Reds

Deep Maroon is a colour known for adding luxury and beauty to your house. You can use a calming colour such as Cream on the side to tone down the energy. On the other hand, according to Dee Schlotter, Paints Colour Expert, you can also use Red, a very energetic and powerful hue.

Red becomes a rather bold and stimulating colour for your wall and looks great. Just like Maroons, you can mix and match the red wall with white painted trim. Such as mix will give  a very refreshing vibe

This colour combination is both sophisticated and modernized at the same time. Since it gives a rather classy vibe to your living room, the colour could be the right way to give a taste of your personality.

Parting Thoughts

Your house is yours, and the colours are an absolute reflection of your personality. To give the best look to your abode, choose a colour that you would personally feel connected to. All the best!


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