Expa Floor Coat Emulsion

Expa Floor Coat Emulsion is based on 100% Pure Acrylic Emulsion designed specifically for application on Exterior Floor Tiles. It is reinforced with Special Silicone Emulsion to offer outstanding water resistance, scrub resistance with enhanced adhesion over Terrace Floor Tiles, Cement Tiles or any other plain cement surfaces. It offers excellent resistant properties against abrasion from human, vehicular traffic, sun damage and algal/fungal attack.

Technical Data

Technical Sheet

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Added Soft Sheen
Added Soft Sheen

Leaves a smooth finish on the surfaces.


Helps the surfaces stay free off algae and fungus through all seasons.

Exceptional Durability
Exceptional Durability

Promise of a durable performance regardless of any surface.

Special Silicon Protection
Special Silicon Protection

Excellent protection of surfaces due to silicon protection technology.

Water & Scrub Resistance
Water & Scrub Resistance

Prevents foot damage on the surfaces.

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