Tired of painting your exteriors frequently? Well our exterior emulsion paints are the solution to your woe then. They have a number of benefits like.

Sealing Imperfections

Our emulsion paints help conceal the smallest of imperfections in exterior wall, even hairline cracks, therefore making your exterior walls flawless

Fungus Resistant

Made with superior quality materials these specialize in fighting algae and fungi formation on their surfaces and give a rich sheen and a designer finish.

Water Resistant

Presence of high latex in certain emulsions makes them water resistant.


British Paint’s exterior emulsions are also dirt and dust resistant making walls stay beautiful for longer periods of time without curing, therefore saving money in the long run.

Colour Guard

The Exterior Emulsion Paint’s Colour advantage helps keep colours from fading away for longer periods of time and even provide UV protection.

We at British Paints, provide a mix of exterior emulsion paints like Expa Max, Expa Cool, Shingar Max and Shingar in a wide variety of shades to choose from. Our products are made with chemical resistant pigments, flexible emulsion resin binder combined with special additives and preservatives making them longer lasting and more durable to whether and environment impacts. Our products on this category differ in terms of the different whether location requirements and come with a colour and life warranty as well.

Choose from British Paint’s wide range of colours and make your exteriors come alive with our Exterior Emulsion Paints Range.

Exterior Emulsion Paints for your Home Walls

“The Exterior of a house is part of the outside world.” – Stephen Gardiner once quoted. Rightly so, our house exteriors go through all kinds of woes of the nature. Hence, it’s important to coat them in a way that they can withstand even extreme conditions.

Choose the right paint as per your requirement

Pick from a large variety of our Exterior Emulsion paints range to redefine the aesthetics of your home. Our Exterior wall paint products come with long-lasting warranty and a promise to give your home a touch of extravagance with perfectly finished walls. Durability, resistance to fungus/bacteria, and protection against the weather – our exterior products are equipped with the most appropriate solutions to cater to your needs.

Inspire from our 2000+ shades

Bring home the natural vibes. Be it the shade of the morning sunrise or the hue of the evening breeze, at British Paints, we believe in inspiring by nature. Pick from our wide range of the color palette and transform any wall from flat to fantastic.

The Ultimate Protection for your Exteriors

British Paints Ultra-Durable Hi-Tech Exterior Emulsion Products act as a shield for your home. Our exterior wall paints prevent fungal spread on the exterior surfaces which makes the walls highly durable and cost-effective. Our products are stain-proof & minimize spots and discoloration while preventing any kind of odour or foul smell. The ultimate shield against bacterial invasion, our exterior emulsions guard the health of you and your family.

Free Consultation

Allow our British Paints experts answer your queries regarding colour preferences, combinations, durability and anything that would enhance the beauty of your home

What type of Paint?
Which Colour?
Will it be Long Lasting?


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