Expa - Tex

Expa Tex - Rough Finish is a specially developed highly durable exterior finish composed of high quality Acrylic Resins, Pigments, Additives & Inhibitive Aggregates.

It is specially designed as an intermediate coating which not only gives a long lastign finish but also provides a unique Texture Pattern with nice aesthetic appeal. It can be applied on wide range of interior and exterior surfaces like sand faced plasters, concrete, brickwork etc as an Intermediate coat.

Technical Data

  • Method of application Trowel or spatula
  • Coverage 4-5 Square Feet / Kilogram for thickness of up to 2 Millimeter (Depends on the surface profile and coat thickness)
  • Drying time Dry to touch-30-60 mins Hard dry-overnight Dry to recoat -overnight
  • Flash Point NA
  • Storage Store in shaded, dry conditions
  • Shelf Life 3 years from the date of manufacturing in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat
  • Packing 30 Kilogram
  • Shades available White
  • Roughtex Large 3 mm
  • Roughtex 2-2.5mm
  • Tex 150 1.5mm
  • Fine Tex One 1mm
  • Fine Tex 0.5mm
Technical Sheet

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Excellent Algae Resistance
Excellent Algae Resistance

Preventing your walls from turning dirty green during rains.

Excellent Fungal Resistance
Excellent Fungal Resistance

Helping your walls stay free off fungus through all seasons.

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Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation

Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from lime, dust or grease. Any previous growth of fungus, algae or moss paint need to be removed thoroughly by vigorous wire brushing and cleaning with water.


Surface imperfections such as hopes, dents, fine cracks are to be filled with white cement based British Shield Wall Putty.


freshly plastered surfaces should be thoroughly cured and completely dried. For such surface apply one coat of British Exterior Wall primer by thinning with water. Allow the primer coat to dry for 3-4 hours.


Stir the content thoroughly before use. Generally material should not be diluted but depending upon absorption nature of surface & ambient temperature, can be diluted upto 10 % by clean water.

Apply material with Stainless Steel Trowel or Spatula or any other suitable application tools to generate desired Texture patterns and allow it further to dry for 12-16 hours.


Apply 2-3 coats by diluting 1 liter of Expa Max or Expa cool with maximum 400 ml of water. A gap of 4-6 hours should be given between two coats.

(The information given herein is given in good faith. Covering capacity is indicated on the basis of results obtained on a prepared smooth surface.)


  • It hides the surface undulations and bridges hairline cracks.
  • Resists fungus and algae growth.
  • Provides better adhesion between subsequent coats & excellently resists against U.V.Rays.
  • Allow surface to breathe & also releases trapped moisture both from the paint surface as well as the substrate.
  • Increases the life of the plaster by protecting it from wind driven & acidic rains.
  • Can be used for both Exterior & Interior surfaces.
  • The tough textured finish lasts for long and also ensures low maintenance.

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Expa Tex - Super Fine
Expa Tex - Super Fine
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