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Durable & Weather-Proof! Colors that gives ultra-smooth finish and ensures freshness for years to come.
7 Years performance warranty

Expa 7 - Advanced Exterior Emulsion

Expa 7 is a 100 % acrylic emulsion paint especially formulated for super performance when applied properly on exterior walls due to its unique water resistant properties and resistance properties against fungi, algae, dampness, caused by lashing rain.

Presence of light fast chemical resistant pigments/ fillers, tough and flexible emulsion resin binder, special preservatives and other special additives make it an excellent durable coating with retention of color brightness for a long time.

5 Years Performance Warranty

Expa Cool - Premium Exterior Emulsion

Expa Cool is a 100% acrylic high built exterior paint made to international standards that keeps exteriors looking bright and new for many years. Expa Cool is a high performance architectural coating for all types of construction residential building, offices and commercial...

Sheer Class - Luxury Interior Emulsion Paint

Sheer Class Luxury Interior Emulsion is a classic product for the discerning customer, whose choice is always to have the very best. Sheer Class is made up of top quality acrylic co-polymers, which not just gives it a superior finish and excellent coverage, but a soft silky sheen, giving your interior walls a truly regal finish...

3 Years Performance Warranty

Shingar Max-Superior Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Max is a water based 100 % Acrylic Exterior wall finish which is suitable for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions .

Shingar - Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Exterior Emulsion is best suited for application on exterior walls in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions.

Shingar Max-Superior Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Max is a water based 100 % Acrylic Exterior wall finish which is suitable for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions .

Glamour - Premium Acrylic Emulsion

Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion is the choice paint for the beautiful interior of a dream home, available in the widest range...

Pearl Lustre - Interior Wall Finish

Pearl Lustre is a solvent-based paint specially formulated based on special resins and pigment for interior applications...

Glo - Hi Gloss Enamel Paint

Glo, the first quality Enamel is specially formulated for the discerning customer who does not settle for anything less in life...

Satin Advanced Enamel

Satin Advanced Enamel is a specially made enamel finish with soft sheen i.e. smoothness of satin, suitable for application on metal, wood and masonry surfaces.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Our warranties only specifically to the range of products which are listed above and also identified by mention on the containers. The warranty covers failure of paint directly attributable to deficiencies in manufacturing. However, warranty will not be applicable if the failure is on account of the following reasons:-

  • Improper applications and / or surface preparation(not in accordance with directions for use on the containers/technical literatures)
  • Applications on surfaces other than what the paint is specified for
  • Failure due to defects in the painted structure including seepage, dampness, vegetative growth such as algae or fungus
  • Due to efflorescence, cracks, saltpeter, action, salt leeching, shade fading or shed variations


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