Innovation & Inspiration

British Paints Large Projects offers a host of services that cater to the needs of large users and help them choose the correct products for a big-scale painting job.

We're present in over 50+ branch offices and 12,000 channel partners spread over the length and breadth of the country.


Let your personality reflect in your home.

Commercial Space

Encourage creativity; increase productivity with the perfect blend of colours.


Explore our entire range of subtle shades to create a perfect sense of balance.


Create a positive and comforting aura.


Different patterns and finishes with long-lasting effect.


A visual treat that comforts the soul.


Enhancement of organizational structure and facilities.

Real Estate Developers

Designs that give a plush look.

Our Edge

Technologist Support

We offer expert consultation to ensure the most satisfying painting experience.


Pick the perfect colour swatch to match your décor inspiration.

Shade Selection Assistance

Our advisors can provide suggestions on various selections of shades.

Project Pricing

We’re on hand to assist with detailed pricing information.

Premium Applicators

Get info on premium range of paint applicators.


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