Why buy two separate Emulsions? When you can have a cost-effective solution for your walls. Our All-Rounder Emulsions are designed to provide toughness for your exteriors and smoothness for your interiors in the same price.


Benefits of two emulsions in one. You can save your dual expenses.

Fungus Resistant

Made with superior quality materials to specialize in fighting fungus formation on the surfaces.

Colour Guard

The All-Rounder Emulsion helps keep colours from fading away for longer periods of time.

Special Silicon Protection

Protects the surfaces from all kinds of external damages.

All-Rounder Emulsion Paints for your Exterior & Interior Walls

The hassle of choosing separate emulsions for exteriors and interiors would no more worry you. Our All-Rounder Emulsions are prepared for both surfaces. Rightly so, our product protects the exteriors against all kinds of woes of the nature, and gives the interior walls a beautiful, aesthetic appeal.

Multiple benefits in one pack

Everything you need for your home is right here. Our All-Rounder Emulsions come with long-lasting warranty and a promise to give your home a touch of extravagance with perfectly finished walls. Durability, resistance to fungus/bacteria, soft & silky sheen & protection against the weather – our products are equipped with the most appropriate solutions to cater to your needs.

Hues that inspire

Bring home the natural vibes. Be it the shade of the morning sunrise or the hue of the evening breeze, at British Paints, we believe in inspiring by nature. Pick from our wide range of the color palette and transform any wall from flat to fantastic.

Dual application makes these the ultimate partner for home

Imagine bringing one emulsion at home, and revamping your home throughout inside & outside. Sometimes it just takes a fresh and smooth coat of paint to re-energize a space. A unique product by British Paints, presenting All-Rounder Emulsions that certainly stand out from the lot.

Free Consultation

Allow our British Paints experts answer your queries regarding colour preferences, combinations, durability and anything that would enhance the beauty of your home

What type of Paint?
Which Colour?
Will it be Long Lasting?


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