British Advanced Emulsion

British Advanced Interior Emulsion is an economic plastic emulsion paint designed for application on interior walls. It is formulated from a time-tested co-polymer emulsion binder. British Advanced Interior Emulsion offers excellent smoothness and elegance to your interior walls, giving it a rich look, with Smooth Sheen. It has good water and alkali resistance properties, which makes the paint long-lasting.

Technical Data

  • Areas of application Interior plasters, asbestos sheets, brick work and concrete
  • Viscosity of supply 100-116 Krebs units on stormer viscometer at 30 °c
  • Recommended thinner 50-75% By volume with water
  • Method of application Brush / roller
  • Covering capacity 270-300 Sq. feet per coat (spreading by brushing) 140-160 Sq. feet / ltr for 2 coats
  • Drying time Surface dry 20-30 minutes (@28-30°C & 60±5% R.H.)
  • Re-coating period About 4-6 hours.
  • Finish Smooth and matt
  • Shades available As per shade card
  • Packs available 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr and 1 ltr
Technical Sheet

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Matt Finish
Matt Finish

Creates exceptional depth of colour that is unlikely to receive impact or abrasive damage.

Smooth Finish
Smooth Finish

For walls you cannot stop running your hands on.

Water Based
Water Based

Odour - free, dries easily and stands the test of time.

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Surface preparation
Surface preparation

Newly plastered surface must be allowed to mature for a minimum period of six months. The surface should be sanded to remove loose particles, paint, dust / grease, cracked or flaked paint. Previous coating of lime wash, powder distemper or other finish must be scrapped off. In case of repainting, earlier coating, need not be removed if in sound condition. The gloss / sheen of these coatings should be reduced to matt level by sanding. Surface imperfections / dents may be filled with suitable putty.


Apply a coat of British Paints Primer (Water Thinnable or Solvent Thinnable) wherever necessary. Use about 50-70% of water for thinning. Add this water slowly to the paint and mix gently and homogeneously. For repainting jobs first coat can work as a self-priming coat. Apply two or three coats by brushing, keeping an interval of about four hours between successive coats.

By tinting British Emulsion with Xtratone Universal Stainers, you can make shades of your own choice. The tinting process must be carried out before thinning.

(The information given herein is given in good faith. Covering capacity is indicated on the basis of results obtained on a prepared smooth surface).

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