Glo Advanced

British Paint Glo Advanced Enamel, first quality enamel is specially formulated for the discerning customer who does not settle for anything less in life. The product has a smooth and uniform finish with excellent leveling and hard mirror like gloss that resists the vagaries of nature like water, sunlight and moisture. Its brushability is excellent. Glo Advanced Enamel is made tough for exterior use to withstand rugged conditions. It is used and recommended for finishing doors, windows, furniture and fixtures. Keeping outer activities in mind, it is ideal for hoarding, signboards, railway rolling stock, truck fleets, transport coaches, machinery and equipement and a variety of other articles. Glo Advanced colours are specially formulated shades for use on doors, windows, fixtures, furniture etc. It's whiteness retention property is outstanding.

Technical Data

  • Areas of application Metals, Wood, Plaster and variety of other surfaces
  • Viscosity of supply For Whites : 100±10 Secs By Ford Cup B4 For Shades : 95±5 Secs At 30°c
  • Thinner Recommended British Synthetic Thinner
  • Recommended Primers FOR METAL : British Paints Red Oxide Primer/British Paints Solvent Thinnable White Primer
    FOR WOOD : British Paints Wood Primer Pink or White
    FOR PLASTER : British Paints Cement Primer Solvent Thinnable
    FOR NON-FERROUS OR GALVANISED SURFACE : British Paints Zinc Chromate Primer
  • Method of Application Brush / Roller / Spray for brushing, supply viscosity can be thinned with 1% to 2% thinner if necessary. For spray and roller application, adjust viscosity to an appropriate level with recommended thinner
  • Covering Capacity 205-225 Square Feet per coat (at 20-25 Microns dry film thickness) (Spreading by brushing on 110-130 Square Feet For 2 coats (at 35-40 microns dry film thickness) Smooth Mild Steel Surface)
  • Drying Time Surface dry -not more than 4 Hours (@ 28-30°c & 60±5% R.h.) Hard dry -not more than 18 Hours
  • Finish Smooth & Glossy
  • Shelf Life 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers kept away from direct sunlight and excessive heat
  • Flash Point Above 35°c (86°f) (Abel closed cup)
  • Shades available As per Shade Card
  • Packs available 20 Liter, 10 Liter, 4 Liter, 1 Liter, 500 Milliliter, 200 Milliliter, 100 Milliliter & 50 Milliliter
Technical Sheet

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Better Performance
Better Performance

Promise of a durable performance regardless of any surface.

Excellent Washability
Excellent Washability

Dries rapidly after washing, giving your wall a refreshing look.

High Gloss
High Gloss

A layer of sheen for the luxurious finish you need.

Smooth Finish
Smooth Finish

For walls you cannot stop running your hands on.


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Directions For Use
Directions For Use

The surface to be painted should be free from rust, grease, oil etc. and should be dry, free from loose matter.

Degreasing and de-rusting can be done by suitable treatment if necessary.

In case of new or bare surfaces, paint should be applied over an appropriate primer. Use of Knifing Paste Filler is recommended to fill up dents and any surface imperfections.

This should be used after sanding the first primer coat. If Knifing paste Filler is used, then one coat of British Paints Solvent Thinnable Primer Surfacer grey or white is to be applied after drying for 10 hrs.

Apply Glo Hi Gloss Enamel using recommended thinner. For best results, two coats of Glo Hi Gloss Enamel are recommended giving 18 hrs of drying between the coats.

(The information given herein is given in good faith. Covering capacity is indicated on the basis of results obtained on a prepared smooth surface).

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