Hues that Inspire

British Paints presents its collection of interior painting solutions for your home. Each one out of the 5 choices is perfect for people who settle for nothing but the best.

The interior paints are made up of top quality co-polymers, that give them superior properties and features and make them much better than the rest. They are everything you ever wished for with interior wall paint products and more. Here are some of the advantages you will get with our interior painting products:

Ease of Application

Ensures a smooth application with excellent coverage.

Better Finish

It offers a superior finish with distinctly rich look.

Brush-Mark Free

Provides a seamless flow with zero brush mark finish.

Superior Durability

Made to withstand the toughest of conditions and keeps home freshly painted for years.

Excellent Value for Money

Create a colourful paradise with the ultimate cost-effective solutions.

Interior Wall Painting Colors for Home

Interiors that speak

Sometimes it just takes a fresh and smooth coat of paint to re-energize a space. Settle on nothing but the best. Made with top quality and available in a wide range, British Paint’s Interior wall paints certainly stand out from the lot.

Choose to your delight

Our Interior emulsions comes with top-notch features that stand fate of time and our hues are a reflection of your personality. Read along!

1. Sheer Class Splendor Luxury Emulsion: This is perfect for those who seek quality as it perfectly grows old with you. It keeps the shine like that of a first stroke alive and feels as refreshing and delightful.

2. Glamour Advanced Anti Stain: No more stressing over unwanted stains on walls by kids as its anti-stain formula keeps the original shine intact and your walls refreshing.

3. Glamour Premium Hi Sheen: For all those wanting perfections, it's range replicates one colour for every mood. Your walls reflect your personality and it does not get it stained with dirt or germ invasion.

4. British Advanced Emulsion: Causing no big holes to a pocket with quality that stands the test of time, this emulsion leaves your space smooth, sleek and rich with its one stroke.

5. Masterblaster: To those eyeing economic quality, a single stroke of this gives a rich smooth finish close to the value of a distemper. It's a perfect 2 in 1 choice.

6. Sheer Class Metallics Eco: Go multipurpose with its coat that gives a wide range for both interior and exterior walls. Its high adaptability alludes to its low maintenance and high utilisation.

7. Sheer Class Non-Metallics: To all creative heads, this is a great pick as it can add a variety of illusions as per your need to personalise your space. While keeping it, durable and glossy.

8. Pearl lustre: Shine that doesnot wither with time, its special resins and pigment formulation makes it a perfect pick for kitchens and bathrooms.

The ultimate guard of your interiors

Made with top quality co-polymers that gives them premium properties and features,our Interior emulsion comes with a promised warranty that gives your space a delightful twist with a perfect sheen and finish. It provides a strong shield against fungal spreads, making the walls durable and cost-effective while guarding your health. From stain-proof to spots protection, our products value your money and health.

Free Consultation

Allow our British Paints experts answer your queries regarding colour preferences, combinations, durability and anything that would enhance the beauty of your home

What type of Paint?
Which Colour?
Will it be Long Lasting?


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