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4 Durable Paint You Can Choose for Your walls
Design 14.06.2021

4 Durable Paint You Can Choose for Your walls

Not many people are aware that the durability of a paint is determined by its chemical constituents. All paints are different in their composition. Some are either water-based, whereas others are solvent-based. Several other ingredients like acrylic contribute to the durability of the paint. This difference in chemistry accounts for the variations in the physical properties of the paints. 

A middle-class Indian spends around 14 percent of his income on home decor. Annual repainting is not an affordable option for everyone. However, the radically changing climates put the walls under severe environmental stress. Therefore the paints that you use must be durable. This reduces the chances of them being flaked or spoiled by weather conditions. Durable paints are a one-time long-lasting investment.


Here is a list of durable paints you can choose from: 


Distemper paint is one of the oldest paints known to man. They are known for their versatility and durability. The oil-based distempers are found to be more durable than their water-based counterparts. They are a good option for rental properties which are painted every year. Distempers help the walls pull through the changing cycles of climate. 


Emulsion paints are extensively used for interior wall decor paintings. It is a water-based paint with no odor. Chemically, it is composed of either acrylic or vinyl. This gives good durability and texture. Emulsions are hailed for another benefit: one can clean the stains on the surface of the walls (to a good extent) with a wet cloth. Emulsion paints give an easily manageable coat finish.


Luster paints

Lustre paint is one of the most durable paints for walls. Chemically, it is a solvent-based paint causing its long durability. The solvent, however, may result in a lingering odor. A feasible alternative is water-based luster paint which furnishes you with good durability and no odor. The paint comes with the amazing feature of resistance to stains. So if you are not in a rush to move in, luster paints are a good deal.


Enamel paints

Enamel paint is your best bet for the walls that are to be exposed to tough conditions. They are usually solvent-based paints and give a hard, glossy, and opaque finish. Usually, they are used to coat metallic surfaces. Its durability makes it a viable option for exterior walls or kitchen walls that experience heat, steam, and stain. Enamel paints are also used for painting bathroom doors that are exposed to water. Their robust coat makes them highly resistant to heat and moisture.



Starting  Price (Rupees/litre)





Luster paints





A durable paint can help your house pull through several seasons. It keeps your walls fresh and untainted from the effects of sunlight and rain. With a little more investment, you can ensure that your paints are durable. Each wall paint has its distinct durability. You can choose according to your budget, period between repainting, and expected coat finish. 


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