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Working from Home? Here's how you can make the best out of your Home Office!
Design 28.04.2020

Working from Home? Here's how you can make the best out of your Home Office!

 Are you working from home or napping from home? Pyjamas are the new formals these days. The pandemic has changed the meaning of WFH as well as it has for many other things. To businesses to continues, it is a way of living now. Some say working remotely in their own comfort zone brings out the best in them as it cut down their travel time and gives one comfort to work in pyjamas while other feel the vibe of the office is different. Here, how about we try to break the dimension of the house and office vibe dynamics by bringing the office to your space?

Working from home can be highly rewarding, but only if one keeps a check on their productivity and maintain a good work-life balance. It allows you the freedom to create your own space that brings out the best in you. Here, you can control external involvements while back in the office your desk is your only sanctuary. But here, the biggest concern that people have is the struggle they went through in the process caused by myriads of distractions and temptations that a home space offers that affect their productivity.

Lockdown has given us no option as you are not stuck at home, you are safe at home. Find a few quickies discussed below to turn your home into a great workspace.


Get rid of all clutters

The first step to give efficient office vibe to home is by getting rid of all the clutter from your space as they affect the concentration, and cause lethargy. Get yourself a good and comfortable study table and chair. It shouldn't be that comfortable that you doze off. Further, make sure your table is clean and uncluttered as swimming through unwanted papers and pens hinder one progress. Some essentials that you can keep are sticky notes to maintain To-do list and keep daily task under watch, folders and pens handy to note few essential points from Conference Calls. Don’t overcrowd your space as empty space let you dive deep into the ocean of thoughts and give you space to prick your minds and think.


Be a mouse

Just like a mouse runs away from a mousetrap and chooses to stay in the quietest corner of the home, act like one when you wish to set up your office/study at the home. While some people work effortlessly in the noise of songs or outside disturbance, there are some who find them incredibly disturbing. For latter, choose a space far away from the living area with a Chatterbox on wall, dining area or play area and close that door to work in peace with a focus in distraction-free space of your house. Basically, stay away from trafficked areas and bounce on the quiet corner of the house.


Let your desk breathe

Adding an element of nature around your desk in the form of plants can bring outside freshness to the interiors of the room, keeping you all fresh and attentive. You can also set up your study near a window that entertains fresh sunlight and air to keep the whole vibe of the room uptight and fresh. Also, this will give your eye some break from screen time with a variety of natural views. Try keeping the walls of your study in classic white as it reflects lights and gives an illusion of more space to your space, adding a mirror might help too. You can add a flower pot on your table to keep the freshness alive. These are some quick tips that you can incorporate in your space as working in a small bound study will give a very claustrophobic feeling, thus hampering your concentration and productivity.


Take meaningful breaks

The mind needs some rest. That doesn’t mean switching on social media to further strain your eyes, try a nap of 10-15 minutes, walk around or read something relevant to charge your battery, productively. Timely managing your breaks will give your brain desired rest with which it will feel more refreshed. Choose time and slots that work best with your habits and routine. Do not take too short a break that the tiredness persists or too long a break that it is ineffective in the end and adds to more lethargy and disinterestedness. Here also, keep your distractions and break delight handy and save the hunt time.


All it takes a right quiet uncluttered space with a beautiful vision to keep you engross and few strategic habits to make working from home productive


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