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Why Waterproof Paints Are Your Home's Best Friends
Design 24.01.2022

Why Waterproof Paints Are Your Home's Best Friends

If you're a homeowner, you probably have a good experience of the long struggle that comes with buying, constructing, and setting up your own house.

One of the significant components of your home is the paint you use to coat the outer and interior surfaces. Paint for homes is like skin for humans. It protects your home and contributes to the safety provided by your home to its residents. Moreover, only the best materials help your home stand firm and last the test of time and climate.

Now, there are different kinds of paints sold by various brands with varying qualities. However, waterproof paints fulfil all the aesthetic and practical purposes of good paint.

Many brands advertise that their paints are the best. However, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to educate yourself on the benefits of using waterproof paints in order to select the best waterproof paint for exterior walls and waterproofing.

What Are Waterproof Paints?

Waterproof paints can oppose the entry of liquid media because of their elastic layer that is incapable of absorbing water molecules.

These paints are usually made from hydrophobic or water-hating substances, such as oils. Due to their hydrophobic nature, these paints can protect the walls from leakage and damage due to dampness.

What Are the Different Types of Waterproof Paints?

Paints are made waterproof through ceramic substances and latex added to them to stop water and other liquids from being absorbed. Mentioned below are various types of waterproof paints:

Acrylic Paint

The primary oil used in the manufacture of acrylic paints is silicone oil. These paints become waterproof when dried and are hence effective types of waterproof paints.

These paints are used mainly on concrete and clay bases as effective waterproof paints.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paints are the products of latex combined with acrylic media. It contains epoxy resins that are made to react with a suitable catalyst.

These paints are subject to an extensive curing process that contributes to their strong waterproof properties. As these paints offer a thick and rigid layer, they are most commonly used in basements or garages which are exposed to continuous wear and tear caused by vehicle tires.

What Are the Benefits of Using Waterproof Paints for Your Home?

Waterproof paints are strong and long-lasting paints that maintain the quality of your walls and protect them from external damage.

Here are some of the benefits of using waterproof paints for the exterior walls of your home:

      Waterproofing prevents damage caused by rainwater containing oxides of sulphur and nitrogen.

      They prevent the seepage of moisture remnants of heavy rainfalls into the inner walls of your home.

      It averts the formation of any form of cracks that develop due to continual exposure to rainfall.

      It protects your exterior walls from temperature-related damage as they can swell and contract with a change in temperature.

      It prevents the accumulation of soot and muck on the exterior walls of your home, protecting the sanctity of your home.

      As these paints are hydrophobic, they do not promote the growth of algae or fungal colonies that are dependent on water for their survival.

Why Is Waterproofing Necessary for Homes?

The elaborate procedure of applying waterproof paints to prevent the conditions caused by the continuous flow of water or exposure to moisture is called waterproofing.

While the benefits of using water paints for exterior walls have been discussed, here are some of the benefits of waterproofing for the inner atmosphere of your home:

      It lowers the level of humidity inside the house.

      It prevents any form of flooding inside the house by effectively blocking the entry of water.

      It averts the growth of mould that can be toxic to the residents of the house.

The Final Brushstroke

In order to maintain a beautiful and healthy home for you and your family, waterproof paints are a perfect choice!

The benefits of waterproofing show that you can maintain a clean internal atmosphere of your home that directly contributes to the good health of all the residents of the home.

The long-lasting effects of waterproof paints ensure that your home is protected at all times from external climatic changes because, after all, your home is your safe abode.


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