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Which Colour Is Best for House Exteriors?
Design 11.03.2022

Which Colour Is Best for House Exteriors?

The colour of your home's exterior plays a crucial role in its holistic look and feel. The various colours you can use for the different parts of the house, from the front door, trim, sides, and other exterior elements, dictate the tone even before stepping into the house.

There are numerous tried-and-tested colour combinations that work like magic for home exteriors. These have a massive impact on how people see your house. With a bit of research and careful planning, you can ensure that you hit the right chord and achieve the desired look.

There are different aspects of the exterior of your house, and each of these needs to be dealt with individually.

Components of the Exterior Colour Scheme

Your house usually has sufficient elements that you can use as inspiration when creating a colour palette. You may use the roof, any areas made of brick or stone, and the windows as starting points for this process.

It is essential to have a minimum of three colours for your exterior colour scheme.

       The Field: Large external areas like the walls and roof

       The Trim: Includes the corner boards and window trims

       The Accent: Specific elements like the door, windows, and other architectural elements

Field Colours

The field occupies most of the external space of the house. It lays the groundwork for your choice of colours for the trim and the accent.

Lighter colours usually make the house more prominent, while darker colours shrink it. Light colours can also project a flimsy look, while dark stains, on the contrary, tend to give a solid appearance to your house.

Trim Colours

The trim colour is often the dealbreaker in most cases. Using the same colour as the field on the trim may leave the house with an unfinished look.

Most designers recommend going for a darker colour for the trims. This helps you achieve a frame effect with the windows. It is recommended to keep the trim lighter in the shade compared to the field.

Accent Colours

This is where you can let your imagination run wild. Once you have zeroed in on a colour combination for the field and trims, you can choose an eye-catching colour to make the accents pop.

It is a strategic tool that helps you bring your house to life. It adds colour to the muted colour scheme and attracts attention to the features of the exterior of your home.

Top Exterior Colour Trends

With an increase in the options available, people have been exploring their creativity regarding exterior colours for their homes. Listed below are some of the top colour trends observed in 2021:

       All black exteriors

       Dusty charcoal

       Warm whites and creams 

       Vibrant greens

       Muted grey greens

       Classic navy

       Black exteriors with contrasting colours for the door

       Rose-tinted doors with off-white field colours

       Charcoal shades and muted pastel shades

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Colours for Your Home's Exterior

Exterior paint colours usually need to stand out. While personal preference plays a pivotal role in the colour scheme you select, there are other several important factors to consider too:

Your Neighbourhood Style

It is advisable to choose colours that complement the colour scheme that your neighbours have in place. Make a note of the colours used and avoid using the same. Instead, go for colours that complement it and, at the same time, help you stand out.

High-Quality Exterior Paints

Ensure that all tools, applicators, paints, and primers are of the best quality. Keep in mind the surface you are painting and select tools designed to best suit them. It is an investment that will stand to benefit you in the long run.

Good Prep Work

Before you proceed with the painting process, be sure to prep the surface that is to be painted. Make sure that the exteriors are clean and smooth before applying any product. This provides extended life to the paint and ensures a job well done.

Wrapping Up

Choosing colours may seem like a daunting feat. However, there are multiple options and colour combinations pre-designed by paint manufacturers that make this process easier. Some palettes are categorised by architectural style, and colour ranges consider the field, trim, and accents to ensure complementarity.

Take inspiration from the internet and do your research before settling for the option that works best for you. It is best to plan and be bold when it comes to your choice of colours. Do a patch test to get a preview of how it looks on your house and go for it.

Trust us; it is a fun process that leaves you with a fresh and exciting new look.


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