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Quick decor ideas to brighten up your compact living room
Design 25.11.2020

Quick decor ideas to brighten up your compact living room

Do you want to decorate your cramped and cluttered living room? Are you looking for quick decor ideas to brighten up your compact living room so that you can hang out there more often? If yes, then there are a few effective tips that will create an illusion of a bigger space and serve your purpose. With such useful clever styling tips, you can make your living room a stylish oasis for yourself and your family by unlocking its potential.  

Top décor ideas for a compact living room

Supersizing your space and making a small living room look perfectly proportioned can be done with these interior design tricks and tips.

·         Use mirrors

The best décor idea to redecorate your small living room and create more space is to simply just add more mirrors. By doing so, you can create the illusion of space. Use over-sized mirrors to cover an entire wall. Reflecting back light, an illusion of double interior space will be created. In addition to that, keep the colour palette light as this will enhance the overall effect.

·         Utilise awkward architectural spaces

Owing to awkward room proportions, your living room may lack space. While laying out furniture, unique features such as bay windows are often responsible for logistical challenges. But this space can be used to your advantage. Taking no valuable floor space, a small-scale sofa can neatly fit into the position. These unusual areas can also be used to house larger and bulkier furniture pieces like sideboards and TV units. Therefore, the remaining petite room is prevented from getting overpowered by the pieces because the space would remain unused anyway. 

·         Make your own entertainment centre

You can free up floor space from storage units and create your own media centre. Doing this will result in the usage of minimal space. A wall-mounted TV is always the best choice for compact living rooms. You can also fix an MDF panel to the wall and install the TV screen and floating shelves on it. It helps in allowing storage without consuming much space. You can use the space below the bottom shelf for items like slim drawer units, drum storage stools, etc. as extra storage.     

·         Hang baskets for extra wall storage

Make the most of your floor space by keeping it de-cluttered if your living room is cramped. Use attractive willow baskets on walls to solve the storage problem. Along with being beautiful, these are sturdy to hold all types of clutter. You can hang them from decorative hooks that can take heavy weights. Toys, books, magazines, and other stuff that otherwise tends to lie on the floor can be put in these baskets.

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