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Different methods of industrial paint application
Design 10.12.2020

Different methods of industrial paint application

Most of the industrial paints are used for corrosion control of concrete and steel, but these industrial-grade products can be used for a number of other applications as well. Those beginning a new industrial project must be going through the confusion of “How should I go about painting this?” There are several methods out there, but we present here the top ones to get you started.

Air spray

Air spraying is among the best methods of industrial paint application. The paint is atomized into a mist or fine spray by an air sprayer using air. Such an air sprayer should be chosen that offers different levels of pressure, pattern, etc. This method offers a professional smooth finish on any surface.


A roll can come in handy when you have to paint a flat surface such as a floor or wall. The paint is transferred efficiently and quickly when a roller is used to apply paint. It comes in various forms to produce different results. For instance, there are some rollers that require a spiked roller for leveling the coating and removing any trapped air. This paint system is ideal for concrete and cement screeds.

Dip coating

In industrial projects, there may be certain elements that need covering entirely in paint, quickly and efficiently. The element can be dipped into the paint directly and allowed to dry if you are using a dip-coating method. Dip-coating works best with thick paints with strong adhesive quality.


The classic paintbrush method is also a good one. In some cases, it is exactly what you need to get the job done. As paintbrushes are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, angles, and bristles, there is one for every task. For smaller details, small paintbrushes are the best. You can easily get a professional finish on any project if you have a good brush technique.

Airless sprayer

The paint is atomised by an airless sprayer at a much higher pressure than an air sprayer. It is perfect for spraying large industrial areas quickly and more efficiently than an air sprayer. Also, it can handle much thicker coatings. It helps to stop you from over-spraying on large paint jobs. Wear an appropriate PPE when spray applying any coatings, especially two-pack polyurethane paint.

Application areas of industrial paints

·         Concrete floors

·         Concrete blocks

·         Metal building exteriors

·         Structural steel

·         Other miscellaneous equipment

If you are thinking of buying an industrial paint, then trust none other than the best. British Paints is counted among the most reliable industrial paints manufacturers in India. Its range of industrial products includes conventional coatings, epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, stoving coatings, vacuum metalising coatings, and so much more. Industrial paints play a crucial role and choosing the right product is very important to get exactly what you are looking for. To help you with this, British Paints are there for you. Just state your preferences as per space, your requirements, the activities, and the atmosphere. Based on that, our experts will suggest the perfect industrial paint that fits you the best. Our safety-trained, verified painters and certified executives update their body temperature daily before starting any painting project.

Ensuring a safe painting experience

Enjoy hassle-free home painting service offered by BritishPaints with the below-mentioned advantages:

·         Helping via digital helpdesk- Addressing clients’ concerns digitally

·         Real-Time Project Tracking- Tracking current project progress remotely

·         Monitoring painters’ health- Tracking health status of painters/executives

·         Delivering products on-site- Delivering sanitised products safely at your doorstep

·         Maintaining digital reports- Viewing digital records of all projects and transactions

·         Offering paperless service- Receiving estimates and invoices digitally for contact reduction


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