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Paint colour combination ideas for exterior wall
Design 14.12.2020

Paint colour combination ideas for exterior wall

Not restricted to people only, love at first sight happens with stunning exteriors too! Have you ever noticed yourself deliberately gazing at a lovely house or a building? Have you ever felt a strong urge to want your home’s exteriors to be exactly like what you saw? Well, this kind of magical spell is cast by the superior exterior wall paint combination. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression. To savor the interiors’ beauty, it is the exteriors that need to grab your guests’ eyeballs. The first impression should last forever. This can be transformed into reality by painting the exteriors using the British Paints exterior colour combination.  

Overview of colour combination ideas

Have you always been sticking to only one colour for the exterior walls of your home? But that is quite an old idea now. Gone are the days when people used to paint their walls in a single dull colour. The modern-day and age call for exhibiting your high spirits. So no more settling with the dingy exterior wall paint combination. It is the best time to choose attractive wall colour combination ideas that appeal to everyone.

Types of exterior colour combination

Undoubtedly, it is a herculean task to choose wall paint colour combinations comprising two or more hues for the outside of your house. While selecting the perfect wall paint colour combination, you may get confused with unlimited thoughts such as wanting to highlight the architectural details or finding a complementary shade for the trims and shutter, etc.

To help you in making a fair decision, here are some exterior paints colour combinations to suit your requirements.    

Ethereal Pink

Pinks are no more confined to the interiors. The charming colour looks adorable on the exterior walls and leaves the onlookers awestruck. To make a dainty exterior wall paint combination, you can either choose the flamboyant pink or a sombre hue coupled with off-white or grey/mauve details.   

Enchanting blue

For a striking yet serene look on the exteriors of a building, choose the shades of blue or the colour teal. It is a playful combination of blue and green. You can glitz up your home’s exteriors with this bold exterior wall paint combination of a blue shade and pristine white. 

Sprightly yellow

If you are the quiet and calm type and looking for a sober yet tasteful exterior paint combination, then don’t even think about the archetypal beige and taupe hues. The muted yellow can do wonders to make your abode heave into view amidst the thronging buildings. The warm shade gives an inviting vibe to the visitors.

Tangerine enticement

If you like bright colours then tempting tangerine and jovial yellow will make for an incredible home exterior wall colour combination. You can use white or ivory shades for your window trims if you want to accentuate your sharp architectural specifics.

Trust none but the best when it comes to exterior paints colour combination. For all kinds of surface problems, British Paints is a reliable and well-known name in the market. The company’s most sought-after products include Glo Advanced, Expa Cool, Shingar Advanced, British Emulsion, Master Blaster, and Acri-Silk. It is a popular paint manufacturer offering a broad variety of industrial and architectural coatings, post which the company was renamed Berger Paints in 1983. It has taken care of a number of project verticals in the industrial as well as retail sectors. With its headquarters in New Delhi, British Paints has more than 50+ branch offices and 12,000 channel partners spread across India. Its highest quality decorative and generic industrial paints and coatings are manufactured at modern units.


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