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Popular Types Of Modern Kitchen Designs
Design 19.04.2021

Popular Types Of Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the heart of a house. The kitchen layout must be planned based on the size of the space and its functionality. The clever use of space management can transform your traditional kitchen into a more contemporary style of modular kitchen. There are many popular types of modern kitchen designs that you can go for if you’re planning to upgrade or install a new kitchen space. Managing the furniture and the cabinets is an essential prospect while investing in a modular kitchen. So below are some of the popular kitchen designs that you can choose from. 

The one-wall kitchen

 If you have a relatively small space for a kitchen, the one-wall kitchen is the best option for you. It is a compact yet totally functional layout with everything installed on a single wall. It usually has shelves on the top of one another to optimize space and a food preparation area along with the washing sink. You can even get an oven installed on the underside of the working area slab. It is ideal for a studio apartment.

 The L- shaped kitchen

 This is the most common type of modular kitchen. As the name suggests, it has an L-Shaped layout with the storage cabinets installed on two perpendicular walls. It provides maximum floor space utilization. Additional furniture can also be installed in the idle space of the kitchen.

 U-shaped kitchen

 The most suitable type of modular kitchen for bigger houses. It is installed on three adjacent walls and has plenty of cabinets for storage. This kitchen can accumulate more than one person to work simultaneously because of the availability of larger counter space. Being quite spacious, it can be customized as per your need for the cabinets and storage area.


The parallel kitchen


Also known as the Galley kitchen design, it consists of two shelves parallel to each other. This creates a gallery or passageway between the two working areas giving plenty of space for movement within the kitchen area. The parallel kitchen is suitable for both bigger and smaller homes. Space can be divided as per your requirement.


The island kitchen


If you want to give your kitchen a western look like that in movies, you can go for the island kitchen design. It is getting increasingly popular, especially among the people living in an apartment-style house. It combines a working area installed on a wall along with a separate island space. This type of kitchen is both functional and modern. The separate island space can be used for working as well as can be transformed into an eating area. Plenty of storage space is also provided in this kitchen design.


The peninsula kitchen


It is a a great option if you want to get an island-style kitchen layout but do not have enough space for a separate island space. The peninsula kitchen is much like the island kitchen but with the peninsula connected with the main kitchen space. Just like the L-shaped design, it offers floor space and adequate movement within the kitchen area.


If you are planning to renovate or get a new kitchen installed, British Paints can help you in selecting among these popular types of modern kitchen designs and easy customization according to your preference.


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