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Advantages of getting waterproof primers for external walls
Design 13.05.2021

Advantages of getting waterproof primers for external walls

The exteriors of your house need maximum protection from natural external factors. Especially during the rains, the humid environment makes the exterior wall more susceptible to moisture. It is extremely crucial to prevent the exterior walls from seepage.


Nowadays, to ensure the longevity of the house and prevent seepage, many people choose waterproof primers for external walls. The coat of primer will create a barrier to water and moisture to the external walls. This coating layer will prevent the damping of walls in your home. The waterproofing of external walls is as important as the waterproofing of the roof.


The need for waterproof primers


Waterproof primers for exterior walls work by creating a water-resistant layer between the exterior wall and paint so that the paint adheres properly to the wall. Premium quality waterproof primers improve the water-resistance capacity of the exterior walls and almost stop all the water from seeping in through the plaster and cement to the inner bars holding the pillars. Protection from seepage also helps prevent rusting of the internal iron or steel framework and ensures the longevity and durability of the house.


Why is using a premium quality waterproof primer for exterior walls essential?


As explained above, the waterproof primers for external walls are essential to strengthen and protect the walls of your home. Give below are some of the benefits of the application of primer:


       100% waterproofing: Waterproofing is a method by which the penetration of water and moisture is prevented in the walls. It protects the wall from humidity and also protects the things inside the house from damage. Most high-quality waterproof primers give 100% waterproofing for the first few years.


       Increases structural integrity: These paints work as a bonding agent as well. It binds the concrete to the mortars and makes it more cohesive. Thus, it strengthens the external walls of your house.


       Ease of use: The waterproof primers are available in liquid form. They are very easy to work and apply to the walls. The liquid primer is easily mixed with the concrete and the mortars. It forms a homogenous mass with them by uniform wetting of the components.


       Pocket friendly:  Our waterproof primers for external walls are very cost-effective. There are a lot of premium quality waterproofings available, but they are very expensive. We provide a wide range of waterproof primers within your budget with various benefits.


       Eco-friendly products: Our range of paints are eco-friendly in nature. They protect the wall from acid rain and pollution. Our waterproof primers for external walls are the best solution to shield the walls and make them more attractive.


Protect the walls from moisture and water with the British Paints. They provide superior quality products, with 1000+ shade choices, within an affordable price range. With an experience of 100+ years of serving our customers with the best, their services are reliable. Get the best waterproof primers for external walls with a warranty on a range of products. Decorate your house's walls and make them beautiful with British Paints.


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