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Modern Yet Classy Interior Decor Ideas For Living Room
Design 26.02.2021

Modern Yet Classy Interior Decor Ideas For Living Room

The living room, the most centrally located room of your house, is the point of attraction. This is where you make memories with your family, have fun watching TV together. Your guests have the first impression of your home from this room.

Considering its significance, selecting an interior design for a living room can be a daunting task. According to this survey, modern and traditional styles made it to the top in home decor ideas for 2020. Considering this trend, here are some interior decoration ideas for you.


What to do with the walls?

Walls are the backbone of your living room, stealing maximum attention. It should have a characteristic appeal. So when you are mulling over the color of these walls, remember that old classics of white and grey are still blissful. These neutral colors distribute the gaze to other things in your living room.

 If the latest trends don’t inspire you, you can always go with the white for an elegant and classic living room.

You can make up for the neutral in the living room by attaching artwork to the wall. It does complement the off-white or grey background. Moreover, making a living room more ‘living’ with plants might not be a bad idea. You can hang the plants from the ceiling near the wall. This green splash will brighten your room and please the eyes.

Also, there is no need to remind you of the health benefits of indoor plants.

 The new trend is space-saving designs

The house space is getting limited nowadays. This necessitates the idea of space-saving interior decor for the living room. By carefully utilizing the space, one can make the smaller living rooms charming.

 If you are a reader with a book collection, you can flaunt it with a wall-mounted bookshelf. In this way, you can save the floor space and add creativity to the living room. Besides, wall-mounted TVs can also be a great idea for space-saving purposes. It is not advisable to have a floor lamp to save space.

Pay attention to the space below the window. A cabinet of the size of space under your window can be very useful. If your window doesn’t have a ledge, it can be a great idea to keep the sofa adjacent to the window.


The importance of lightings

Although floor lamps can take care of your lighting needs, they have become outdated now. You also know how good lighting can have an impact on mood. All the above efforts of interior designs can fade without eclectic lighting.


        Replace the standard ceiling lamp with a more modern one

        Hanging sculptural lights at the center is trendy

        Wall art decor having lights in the background can set the mood


 Your living is a wholesome reflection of your entire family and the first thing your guests see. Go along with these modern yet classy interior decor ideas to leave a stunning impression on guests. That being said, remember it’s you who is going to spend time there. Hence, have fun giving it a personal touch.


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