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5 Color combinations for walls that make sense
Design 23.02.2021

5 Color combinations for walls that make sense

Choosing the color combination of your walls is a choice left upon you. However, it can be sometimes overwhelming to decide because of the wide variety and ever-changing trends. A simple way to go about it is to first decide that kind of vibe you want in your room. Go for light pastel combinations if you want a calming effect. Similarly, go for bold colors if you relate to them.


 Here are some combinations that will make your job of choosing a little easier:


        Snowbell: AP89-1 and Daisy White: AP1-6 (Light purple and white)

This is a very rare combination, as most people do not give it a try. And surely they miss out on something beautiful. The light purple combined with white gives an urban classic look to your room. It creates calming and peaceful energy that helps you relax and also promotes sleep. Keep a mixture of both white and yellow lights to ensure that the brightness is maximum at all times. Take it to another level with white marble flooring and some aesthetic curtains.


        Chromatella: AP59-3 and Winsome Blue: AP76-2 (Yellow and blue)

This makes for a very quirky combination that gives your room a very cool and millennial vibe. Both these colors are known for enhancing positivity, happiness, and joy. It is a bonus that it makes your room look bigger as well. It will look best if you pair it with quirky yellow furniture and some trending pillow covers. Along with that, you can put some frames on the walls, to enhance the beauty and also arrange some beautiful side table lamps.


        Gray Cotton: AP49-6, Garden Path: AP48-5 and Turned Earth: AP48-4 (Gray, its shades and black)

Grey is a beautiful color that blends well with its shades. Blending these colors will give a rich look to your room. Adding a hint of black will take it to the next level. Decorate it with some white lamps, and matching grey furniture. A classic light flooring will also enhance the look and will look best in natural lighting. 


        Willow Stem: AP64-6 and Rose Breath: AP16-2 (Light leaf green and baby pink)

A combination most people do not go for because it is quite bold. However, it looks amazingly well, if chosen for the kid's room or a space for your study. Decorating it with a small study table, along with a few bookshelves will enhance the vibe of your room. Adding a hint of something white will also go well with this combination. It is so bright and lively and you will never again want to sleep till late.


        Sun's Enchantment: AP100-5 and Daisy White: AP1-6 (Orange and white)

Orange is the perfect color for happiness and bright to bring your family together. Mixed up with white, which is a perfect tone for purity and peace, this combination is the best for your living room or the bedroom. The combination itself makes the room so full that you will not even need any heavy furniture to enhance it. Just a simple bed, with few plants and some minimal decor, is good to go.


Home Wall Painting & Colour Combination indeed keeps changing with the trends. Now, people are looking for something that is not the traditional creams and whites. With a change in mentality and trends, people look forward to expressing themselves with how their home looks. You should go for the color that matches your energy, and that will never go out of trend. 


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