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How to paint your home safely
Design 23.11.2020

How to paint your home safely

Make your home shine and sparkle with stunning wall colors using British Paints. If you want to redecorate your home, then it means getting it painted with gorgeous colors. However, the ongoing pandemic situation has disrupted everything about our normal lives. You are not the only one if you are not completely sure about getting your home painted by allowing a painter to visit your home. But we want to tell you that you can get your home painted with absolutely no compromise on your family’s safety. It’s totally possible to add popping splash to your walls without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Make your way to happiness with British Paints

We, at British Paints, have considered all aspects of precautions and embraced wide-ranging changes in our painting products. Bringing in exciting colors to the biggest festival called life will help you unlocking and adapting to the new normal. To put an end to your painting woes, British Paints will make a difference in your life by giving you the home of your dreams. With our upgraded painting procedure, all our painting projects get the attention and care they deserve. Our paints offer a faster, cleaner, and safer painting experience than ever before. Moreover, you can consult our experienced specialists for color guidance and decoration ideas.        

Home painting becomes easy with British Paints

During the COVID-19 times, British Paints offers a zero contact, paperless, and cashless service to all its esteemed customers. Booking a service with us is very easy. Our customer executive will be assigned to your home and he will visit your place as per your convenience for a complete inspection. Be absolutely sure that all the necessary safety and hygiene precautions will be taken by him to ensure your total wellbeing and safety.

Ensuring safe painting experience

Enjoy hassle-free home painting service with the below-mentioned advantages:

·         Helping via digital helpdesk- Addressing clients’ concerns digitally

·         Providing cashless service- Making a payment digitally to reduce contact

·         Real-Time Project Tracking- Tracking current project progress remotely

·         Monitoring painters’ health- Tracking health status of painters/executives

·         Delivering products on-site- Delivering sanitised products safely at your doorstep

·         Maintaining digital reports- Viewing digital records of all projects and transactions

·         Providing digital colour scheme- Providing remote colour consultancy and colour previews

·         Offering paperless service- Receiving estimates and invoices digitally for contact reduction

Offerings of British Paints service

Our safety-trained, verified painters and certified executives update their body temperature every day before starting any painting project. Delivery of our paint products to the site is not a matter of worry as well. Sanitized paints will be delivered right at your doorstep without any contact. The team will also make sure that your furniture and floor are covered with British Paints’ floor and furniture covers to protect your valuables. They will have all the necessary safety equipment and use the ‘Health & Safety Kit’ comprising masks, gloves, cap, and sanitizers. While painting, they will follow strict hygiene protocols and maintain social distancing as well.  


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