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House Painting Tips You Cannot Miss
Design 15.11.2021

House Painting Tips You Cannot Miss

It looks simple enough. Dip a paintbrush into a can of paint and begin painting your wall. However, as anyone who has attempted interior painting on their own can attest, it is not as simple as it appears.

This article will come in handy if you've decided to tackle the mammoth task of painting your own home. If you have this knowledge, you won't have to go back and fix a substandard paint job. Instead, you'll know if your paint job is on target right from the beginning by knowing these home painting tips.

1.    Choosing High-Quality Paint

First and foremost, don't try to save money with the paint. When painting the interior of your home, choose high-quality paint.

You should think about what kind of paint you want to use in each area of your house. Gloss, semi-gloss, or matt finishes are all options.

Use paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and low odor to protect yourself and your family.

2.    Using the Right Brushes, Rollers, and Painter's Tapes

If you're spending a lot of money on quality paint, you don't want to skimp on the application process.

To avoid wasting time and paint, choose high-quality brushes and roller coverings that provide great coverage. When it comes to preventing drips and smudges, high-end painter's tape is the real deal.

3.    Protecting Furniture and Floor

Once you've decided on the paint color, you should take precautions to protect your furniture and floor against stains.  You can use dust coverings or even newspapers to cover the furniture.

In the same way, your windows and doors need to be protected from any accidental spills or stains. Covering the flooring is adequate if the house is brand new.

4.    Plastering Walls

An uneven surface is found on even the most perfectly crafted walls. In new homes, the secret is a coating of plaster to smooth out the walls. Known in India as plastering, specialists utilize POP to fill up drywall gaps and cracks with a smooth, even finish.

In the event that you're only repainting a wall, you may skip this step and concentrate on peeling the paint off instead.

5.    Using a Primer

Have you ever wondered what a primer does? Well, it acts as a foundation, preventing your drywall from absorbing more paint like a sponge.

Additionally, it serves as an adhesive to help guarantee that the paint adheres to the wall and improves its longevity.

With a decent budget, you should be able to apply two coats of primer to the surface.

6.    Boxing the Paint

Ask the paint salesperson for a fair estimate of how much paint you'll truly need so you can buy it all at once. Then, rather than using one gallon at a time, fill all of the paint into one huge container and thoroughly mix it.

This is called 'boxing' your paint, and it ensures that your color is constant from start to finish.

7.    Working in Dry Weather

Avoid painting on a rainy day to avoid dripping and sluggish drying.

Take your time if you have to paint in the humidity. And use slow-drying paint to rectify your mistakes before going on to the next layer of paint. But be careful not to overwork yourself, since it will show when you're done.

8.    Final Thoughts

Is the idea of doing things yourself appealing to you? You can transform your home into a work of art by painting it yourself. Using these methods can help you attain a professional finish and lovely walls.

However, DIY may not be the greatest option if you have a hectic schedule.

You may hire professionals to ensure that your house painting project goes well. So go out there and give life to those dull walls!


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