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Elevate Your Living Room With Stylish Stair Designs
Design 17.09.2021

Elevate Your Living Room With Stylish Stair Designs

Your living room is the main area you need to pay extra attention to when designing your home. Primarily because the living room serves as the main area in the house—you host parties and guests.

Hence, every element in the room should spark the vibe you would want to portray. The main component of the living room is your staircase. Your staircase can play a huge role in elevating your living room. Thus, with stylish designs, you can give it the right feel you desire.

In this article, you will find stylish stair designs for every type of living room. Let’s dive in!

Minimalistic Floating Stair

A very popular stair design in recent times is the minimalistic floating stairs. As minimalism has been the recent adaptation in décor, individuals want to style their homes and working spaces in a minimalistic way. Hence, if your staircase looks minimalistic, you can go with the minimalistic floating stair design.

Moreover, if you have a smaller living room, minimalistic floating stairs look extremely dainty. The minimalistic floating stair doesn't take up much space. Even so, it adds to the stylish décor of your living room.

Pro-tip: When the staircase has been pushed to one side, it creates room for more furniture or other objects in the living rooms. So consider making some floating stairs and save space.

Grand Welcome

Grand Welcome-style stairs can elevate the grandeur of your living room. The grand welcome style works when your staircase is near the entrance of your house. Moreover, if you have a big living room, you can create a grand welcome-style staircase.

The design includes a sinuous trail leading up, and this style gives the staircase a dramatic look or grand welcome.

The grand welcome style staircase is quite the contrast to the minimalistic style floating staircase. You can give the stairs a timeless look by using a monochrome palette.

Pro-tip: You can pair the noir look with an ivory style that would complement the staircase. Moreover, you can have a glossy wall serving as a railing.

Under the Stairs Pantry

Like the minimalistic floating-style staircase, you can have an under the stairs pantry to give your living room a minimalistic look.

To design a pantry, you need to get creative and add cutesy accessories and crockeries.

Pro-tip: An under the stair pantry looks appealing only if you use a pastel shade or matt texture for the stairs. These shades give it a minimalistic feel.

For a Brutalist Home

If you have chosen an exposed concrete wall and muted furniture, look for the home. Your living room would have the typical raw and natural look. Moreover, for décor like this, the staircase needs to be chosen wisely because only then would your entire living room have the brutalist feel.

For a brutalist home, simple, unpolished planks of wood serve ideally as the staircase.

Pro-tip: Brighter-toned wood would be ideal for the staircase because the grey color can look dull and sunless. Hence, the brighter tone would add a slight brightness to the room.

Wrapping Up

Every element in your living room can make a great impact on the overall look. Therefore, you should carefully select the color, style, and design. A lot of work goes into deciding what style of staircase will best suit your living room. In such a case, you can contact an interior designer or a professional to assist you with choosing further.

The professional would help you design the staircase following the theme of the royal living room and your budget. 


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