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Effective Waterproofing Solutions
Design 10.09.2021

Effective Waterproofing Solutions

A major problem for most households is leakage. Individuals face difficulty maintaining their houses because their walls deteriorate over time, affecting the home's safety and aesthetic appeal.

In such a case, an effective waterproofing solution can save you from major repairs. Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult an expert and find the right waterproofing solution.

This article highlights some of the best waterproofing solutions for a broad range of needs.

Waterproofing Solutions for Terrace and Balconies

The main area where the water clogging begins and cracks and leaks are the terrace and balcony. It is essential to provide a proper drainage system for the terrace and the balcony. You should make sure there are no cracks or holes on your terrace and balcony. If you find the area needs repair, you shouldn't delay it any longer.

For waterproofing the terrace, you require to do the following:

·         Endure the quality of the products used with the guarantees of their water-tightness.

·         Ensure the products meet the guarantees, and they have continuity and full compliance with their respective Technical Data Sheets.

·         The points where railings attach, drains, channels, fillet joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces, joints in general, and the other critical points are where clogging can begin. Hence, if you find a crack, get it filled or repaired.

Creating Sloping Layers

When repairing the balcony, ensure there are sloping layers of the products so that the water slides off the balcony. The slopes do not clog water, and there is an easy passage for the water to flow directly into the drain. Therefore, make sure you consult the professional and suggest they create sloping layers.

Using Chemicals

Another effective waterproofing solution is to use chemicals. Here are some of the chemicals to strengthen the waterproofing.

Grout and Epoxy Injections

Grout and Epoxy injections are used to fill the cracks in the cement. Moreover, it is done when a professional injects chemicals between the cracks. Alternatively, the professional drills holes and inject the chemicals into the surface of the cement. To form a sealant, the grout is pressure injected, and it reacts with the remaining water.

You can use for grout and Epoxy Injection:

·         Piping

·         Tanks

·         Tunnels

·         Even Foundational Walls

Polyurea Coating

You can choose polyurea coating if you are looking for water-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Moreover, the molecular properties of Polyurea are attributed as a polymer. In addition, this coating has anti-bacterial properties.

Vinyl Ester Resin System

If you are finding a waterproofing system for preventing acid and corrosion damage, you should consider a vinyl ester resin system. This chemical also creates a waterproof membrane to protect against moisture and water damage.

Crystallization Waterproofing

You can use crystallization waterproofing to target the key corroding factor and water damage. The crystalline properties of the substance fill the gaps in the cracks. It also depends on how porous the cement is.

The chemicals used in this process have the capability of establishing long-lasting protection. In addition, the professionals implement this method by using a brush or spray.

Summing Up

You can save yourself the effort to conduct major repairs if you waterproof your space at the right time. Moreover, you need to consult a professional if you wish to find an effective waterproofing solution.

In recent times, several waterproofing solutions have emerged for different types of needs. Hence, these solutions can address your specific issues regarding leakage and corrosion, preventing further damage.

Lastly, finding an effective waterproofing solution saves your property from losing its aesthetic and overall property value. Therefore, if you wish to sell or lease the property in the future, you will face issues. 


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