Best Wall Paints in India
Design 20.08.2021

Best Wall Paints in India

House designs and colours are interesting, but usually, the shade or finishing of wall paints is the the focus of our attention. We hardly ever get into the composition's details. If Do you want to choose the best wall paint for your house, though, you have to grasp how one kind of paint is constitutionally different from the other. 

Every form of paint is equipped with a unique set of useful qualities. It should be noted that every form of wall paint can be further separated from each other using finishings such as flat, eggshell, and satin. 

Types of wall Paint 

        Emulsion Paint 

These paints are water-based, making them nearly odorless and the best choice for the colours of the inside wall. Emulsion paints are also resistant and washable so that a moist cloth or a mild solution can readily erase stains. 

Best Wall Paint for Kitchen, Bathroom, Study Room, Kid’s Room 

        Enamel Paint 

Enamel colour is mainly used to coat finishes/surfaces in metal and wood. The finish is difficult, bright, and opaque. It can be painted on walls to defend against harsh circumstances. 

Best Wall Paint for Commercial Kitchen, Metal Surfaces 

        Textured Paint 

Textured paint has a high aesthetic value, ideal to give walls a touch of emphasis. This can be used to produce special effects for interior wall painting designs on the wall, be it marble, stucco, sande swirl, and popcorn. 

This paint is an excellent means of hiding tiny defects and inconsistencies on the walls. Textured painting is hard to deal with and it can only be used by professional painters. 

Best Wall Paint for Walls that have some crack or inconsistencies 

        Distemper Paint 

The application of this paint goes back to ancient Egypt. However, the paint has changed over time and is available in several variants. It is also called whitewash or cement paint and can be applied straight without any priming on the plastered surface. If it is placed on the surface before painting, other paints can remain longer. In the presence of sunlight, this form of paint does not break or decay. 

Best Wall Paint for Balcony, Terrace, Industrial walls 

        Metallic Paint  

As the name suggests, metallic paint contains minute metal particles, such as bronze, steel, copper or aluminum. It might be an excellent choice for accent wallpaper to make any decor more wealthy and elegant. 

Best Wall Paint for Accent walls in any room or some metallic surfaces 

Best Wall Paints in India

British Paints is the one who provides the best wall paint in India. It completed its 100 years in 2019. This company has more than 50 branches and 5000 projects completed. The company specialises in two major areas, i.e. decorative paints including external emulsions, internal emulsions, enamel layers, distempers, wall elements, metal elements, wood finishes, and many more. The company also offers such services as paint information as recommended per Feng Shui and Vastu, and painting recommendations.


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