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Complete Paint Guide – Know The Right Order Of Painting Your Rooms
Design 27.11.2019

Complete Paint Guide – Know The Right Order Of Painting Your Rooms

Painting your house comes with a series of works to be taken care of. Tasks like moving furniture, protecting the flooring and prepping the walls are a big undertaking. Owing to the aforementioned factors, it’s always better to be strategic in the order you work to keep living your life with as much normalcy.


Since, painting keeps you devoid of nestling in your important spaces for a while, follow the order to make it a hassle-free job.




You might feel like starting from the hall and keeping your master bedroom awaited for a while, however, that’s not how it should work. Your bedroom and bathroom is the perfect place to start since as soon as you get done with these areas in your home, you’d be able to settle back to your normal life. After all, nobody likes the feeling of camping in their own home. Furthermore, looking at the beautiful bedroom walls dipped in the fresh stroke of paint will motivate you to move onward in the rest of the house. 




Ordering food online for long can get boring after a while. Once you’re done with the bedroom, settle your kitchen. If the kitchen is inoperable, the rest of your life is put on hold. Your eating habits are hampered and you end up losing a huge chunk of money wasted on take-out food. So, just like a fresh bedroom, your next target should be a fresh kitchen which too can motivate you to keep moving through the house.


Living Room


All this time while you were finishing the other spaces in your house, your living room would be flooded with piles of packed goods. Now that it’s time to follow up on the living room itself, it’s probably going to take you a long time, so be prepared. Painting this room can be disruptive which is why tackling it at the end of your painting job is a good idea.


Other Spaces


Now that you’re done with the major areas of your house, you can quickly wrap the other left spaces, like the laundry room, the study, etc. These spaces have little to do with your normal routine so it’s okay to leave them for last. Things like clothes and books should be kept covered outside for a few days so they don’t absorb the paint smell. 


Now that you know how to avoid the hassle of painting your home, make sure to only contact the best paint company in India with expert trained professionals



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