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5 Tips to Choose The Best Color Palette For The Exterior Wall of Your Home
Design 15.01.2020

5 Tips to Choose The Best Color Palette For The Exterior Wall of Your Home

Unlike the interior color, the exterior color of your dream home can change the personality of your home. Thus, it is essential to be careful before you choose the color that can be suitable for the exterior walls of your home. Several factors come into consideration when you are choosing the exterior wall color. Some of these factors include landscape and roofing.

Use these tips to choose the best color palette for the exterior part of your home:

 Plan according to the elements that you can’t change:

Some of the elements of your home that you can’t change your roof color, the pathway, stoneworks, and tiles. Thus you need to choose a color that can complement all these elements of your home.  Consider a paint that can complement as well as harmoniously fix these elements. If the undertone of these elements is light, go for a lighter color palette like khaki, brown or beige, and if the undertone is darker, go for a darker color palette.

 Consider the architectural style of your home:

Not all homes are made according to the same architectural style and era. Go for the color that can complement the architectural style of your home. For example, you can’t imagine a bungalow being orange in color. And you can’t imagine an apartment having blue outer walls. Thus look at the architectural style of your home and plan accordingly.

 Think about the visual effect of your home:

Choosing a color for anything is all about the visual effect. Before choosing any color, think about the visual effect it will give you. Visual your home according to the landscape, and also according to your neighborhood. You can’t imagine a green colored wall in a plateau region. Thus, all you need to do is to close your eyes and visualize your home. The color that comes to your mind is the best-suited color for your home.

 Choose several paint shades:

You can’t think of painting all the exterior part of your home in a single color. This looks boring and gives a dull effect to your home. Thus co-ordinate the color of the exterior wall as per the color of the windows and also the gate. You can go for the same tone of color, but you can choose the different shades. For example, you can give the border as white if you are going for a light blue palette for the exterior color.

 Never rely only on paint chips:

Often we visualize the color of our home as per the paint chip provided to us. But most often, there is a change in the color of paint chips provided and the color when applied on the surface. Thus before finalizing a color, first try to apply the color on a smaller surface and then plan accordingly.

 Color is an important element when you are building or renovating your house. But we often pay very little attention to the color of our home’s exterior walls. But next time you paint the exterior wall, pay close attention to the exterior colors too as it gives a personality and character to your dream home.



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