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Boost your home value with exterior painting
Design 23.06.2020

Boost your home value with exterior painting

Selling a house can be a nightmarish task. However, one thing is clear that beautiful and striking exterior paint works as a show stopper and serves as a very strong base for the first impression points. Clearly, with strong belief from Consumer Reports, it is believed that enhancing a home’s exterior with the right paint of the right texture and touch-ups can boost home value.

Paint that is in poor shape, faded, peeled or chipped isn’t a deal-breaker, but might serve as a catalyst to break or make the deal.

Picking the correct exterior paint colours is crucial. Avoid bright colours as they tend to be a very personal choice and not a good choice for an average buyer and can make it harder to sell a home. If you want to keep it unique, consider accenting the front door with a fun bright colour, but let the exterior be something more neutral. You can have a black front door for this matter.

Lastly, go green with your choices, be it having solar panels to enhance the cost and other benefits it comes with or having a natural exterior to keep it greener and engaging. Try green for this matter as it feels fresh, neutral, and contrasts well with neutral accents. It has a rich natural feel to it that blends well with landscapes, without being too overpowering and loud.

Talking about how to choose the best exterior paints, many factors determine the longevity and adaptability of exterior paint. The type of surface painted, the quality of paint used, skilled painter and whether it is durable and can withstand weather changes. Exterior paints contain solvents, pigments and binders, which controls hue, drying time and other considerations.

British Paint's exterior emulsion paints, Expa Max, Expa Cool, Shingar Max and Shingar in a wide variety of shades are a solution to frequent paints. They conceal the smallest of imperfections in the exterior wall, leaving your exteriors flawless, they are made with superior quality materials that give a strong fungus resistant, they are dirt and dust resistant that makes it cost-effective and durable, and lastly, they have a colour guard that protects colour from fading.

Your exteriors mirror your interiors. Hence, invest in a good company. Exterior paint job involves more than just calculating as to how many gallons will be needed and about buying brushes and sprayer. Whether it is cleaning any dirt or debris on exteriors to help the paint adhere better or to get rid of previous coats of cracking and peeling paint to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly, the work is nuanced and demands an expert.


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