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Best heat reflective cool roof paint brand
Design 26.06.2020

Best heat reflective cool roof paint brand

Our house exteriors go through all kinds of woes of nature. Hence, it’s important to coat them in a way that they can withstand even extreme conditions. General-purpose coatings are not heat resistant. They get damaged, burnt, peeled off due to excessive heat, leaving the roof in bad condition. Hence special heat resistant coatings are used for protection of such surfaces. Heat Reflective Paint is a sun reflective paint that aims to reduce the roof temperature as Indian temperature tales are universal and hence protection against scorching heat is a must for your house to look fresh and new always.

British Paint's Exterior Emulsion paints are heat insulation paint and work as heat reducing paint which can be applied on all types of roof. It provides a mix of paints like Expa Max, Expa Cool, Shingar Max and Shingar in a wide variety of shades to choose from. Their products are made with chemical resistant pigments, flexible emulsion resin binder combined with special additives and preservatives making them longer lasting and more durable to weather and environment impacts.

Pick from it's wide range of Exterior Emulsion Paints options to make your exteriors come alive. It's Solar reflective property aims to achieve better heat reduction results. It is a thermal reflective paint that stops excessive solar heat to enter the roof. It's Ultra-Durable Hi-Tech Exterior Emulsion Products act as a shield for your home by preventing the fungal spread and extreme heat exposure on the exterior surfaces which makes the walls highly durable and cost-effective. Further, their products are stain-proof and minimize spots and discolouration, while preventing any kind of odour or foul smell. The ultimate shield against bacterial invasion, their exterior emulsions guard the health of you and your family.


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