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High definition with wall putty
Design 14.09.2020

High definition with wall putty

Quality and finishing are hallmarks of a well-defined interior and exterior. Ever since the invention of wall putty in the market, the following results are associated with it. With time and credibility, it has become a go-to wall treatment for interiors and exteriors for its superior finish.

There are a plethora of companies to choose from that provides the best wall putty coverage. With a motto of 'har colour kuch kehta hai', British Paints is crafting this colourful world ensuring uniqueness with its stretched range of products and fine wall putty range. Ensuring a strong binding with building surfaces, a smooth sleek finish, extensive coverage, superior refractive index, and paint-friendliness, British Paint's Wall Putty has a unique formula.

British Wall Putty:

Made up of white cement with added polymers and minerals, British Wall Putty is bi-functional, can be used for interior and exterior application. Further, because it is white cement-based, it has superior binding traits. It gives a smooth bright finish on the surface with different kinds of water and solvent-based paints, of attractive colours. Its durability and sleekness are unquestionable. It contains fungicides which prevent fungus. The other feature of the product is that though it is based on cement, unlike cement paint, it does not require any water for curing.

Acrylic Wall Putty:

British Paints Acrylic Wall Putty, meant for interior application only is water-based putty, suitable for filling of dents, surface imperfections and levelling on primed walls or surfaces before application of topcoat to give it a clean and sleek look. One thing about this is, it acts as a primer after dilution with water. 


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