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A cost effective solution for your walls
Design 19.01.2021

A cost effective solution for your walls

Have you come across a situation when you have so many options and it gets very difficult to choose accordingly. So many choices led to so many mistakes. When we get so many options, it makes us hesitates and ends up buying nothing. When it comes to our house painting, we often got confused about what to choose within a wide variety of paints. We here at British Paints makes complicated things easy by integrating every quality into one unit. With the latest formulation and integration, British Paints has bought all-rounder paints to bring your search comes to end. 


1)  Shingar All-Rounder:


This all-round emulsion allows you to invest in one instead of two. Shingar All Rounder provides you a cost-effective solution for your interiors. This solves the purpose of two by providing toughness for the exterior and smoothness for interiors. This paint is a 100% acrylic emulsion that consists of special silicon technology suits all types of interiors and exteriors. This paint comes with a 3-year warranty ensuring never aging interior and resistance to fungal deposits, degradation due to climate, and color fading. Its modern formula provides an elegant finish to your walls with a rapidly drying behavior. The soft sheen on the walls is the highlight of this paint. This versatile paint solves your painting purpose for both interiors and exteriors. 




a)     Soft Sheen

b)    Colour Retention

c)     Dual Application

d)    Fungal Resistant

e)     Silicon Protection

f)      Durable

g)    Rapid Drying

h)    Warranty 


2)  Expa All rounder:


This 100% acrylic emulsion is a high-performance paint suitable for both exteriors and interiors. This emulsion provides a toughened coating to your exterior helps your outer surfaces in fighting the various aspects degrading your exterior look. This water-resistant paint repels water from the surface protecting your walls from water degradation. This paint leaves a great sheen to your interiors with color retention property. This comes with enhanced adhesion properties helping your walls to blend the paint with walls ensuring a great finish. This dual application paint shows great durability against all odds and also comes with a 5 year warranty period making it a perfect all-rounder paint for your exterior and interior.




a)     Colour Retention

b)    Great Sheen

c)     Durable

d)    Water Repellent

e)     Dual Application

f)      100% Acrylic Emulsion

g)    Fungal Resistant

h)    Silicon Surface Protection 


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