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5 Best Colours to Paint Your Home this Summer
Design 20.02.2019

5 Best Colours to Paint Your Home this Summer

The hot and scorching heat during the summer season calls for painting your home with a splash of cool summer home paint colours. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for interior emulsion paints or exterior paints, soft and sober paint colours are an ideal choice to keep your home cool and edgy during the summers.

Summer season is the perfect time to paint your home. But many people get confused when it comes to choosing the right colours. Here are some of the best colour options you can choose to paint your home during the summers:

Watercress (2578T)

This beautiful, pale aqua green colour provides a pure touch of nature feeling, and reminds of a clear ocean you can easily see sand through. Using this colour to paint your home will offer you a calm, cool and refreshing feeling - ideal to get some relief from the hot weather.

Cherish (2212P)

Feel cheerful and relaxed by giving your home a beautiful coat of pink. Being a soothing colour, pink has the power of cheering up the surrounding environment. Florida pink colour when complimented with other accessories and décor can keep your interiors cool and get you praises from all guests that turn up.

Texas Yellow (2013D)

Being one of the most hippy and exotic colours, painting your home with lemon yellow colour can greatly help in creating a happy mood in your home. This colour can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling to every member of your family.

Aqua Crystal ( 2471P)

Sometimes you just want a calm environment at home after coming back from a tiring day at work, particularly during summers. This colour is an ideal choice for several people during the hot weather. It is beautiful, elegant, and a perfect fit for your walls. Further, it has a strong synchronization ability, and can provide positive vibes in your home.

Chlorophyll ( 2612P)

The colour green is a symbol of purity and peace. Painting your walls with potpourri green colour can provide your home a classy look and greatly enhance its value. So go green this summer and enjoy the pure bliss of tranquility and peace.

A well-painted home can greatly enhance the overall beauty of your home and make you feel rejuvenated after you come back home from the scorching heat of the sun. However, it is extremely important to only choose paint colours manufactured by the best paint company in India which have the power to provide your home with the perfect elegant look.

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SAMIR KUMAR | 27 February, 2019



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