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Which colours to pick for your walls according to your personality
Design 07.09.2019

Which colours to pick for your walls according to your personality

We spend years designing our perfect home and choosing the right wall colour can be a tough decision to make. But wouldn’t it be better if you pick a tone that resonates with your character and personality?


So here’s how you can choose the right colour for your home depending on your peculiar traits and create the finest home décor setting.


Blue For Peace-Lovers


Blue represents tranquillity, calm and compassion. If you are one of those whose hearts crave a tinge of peace at home in this chaotic world, give the blue hues a chance. For people who are a bit of an introvert and love spending more time in, cool bluish shade on the wall might be the perfect pick. In case you’re no big fan of a lot of blues in your house, you can always keep an accent wall painted in a contrasting colour. It’d complement the whole feel of your home as the oasis of serenity. 


Red For Passionate Individuals


Paint it red if you have a zest for life! Red traditionally connotes power and drive and for people who are warm, passionate, outgoing and ready to take on the world, the colour speaks the best. In a room with so much intensity as a colour like red, it pushes you to embrace your fiery personality. It reveals how you can’t stand monotony and are always up for embracing change. 


Orange If You’re Flooded with Energy


Call yourself a social butterfly or supremely flamboyant, if your personality radiates energy and enthusiasm, you should gravitate towards warm orangey shades. People who use such warm tones in their homes tend to be exceptionally friendly, nurturing and they love having others over. Creativity lies in their blood and they never have a hard time expressing themselves. So, if you feel Orange could be your colour, feel free to play with the shade. You can choose to go bold with a darker shade or even a lighter tone will look spectacular.


Purple for Royalty


The colour purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. If you wish to see your house dating back to the royal age where purple was prized for its bold hues and often reserved for the upper crust, you know what to pick. Purple paint can make a room feel glamorous while creating intimacy and cosiness in the space. Purple people are known to be witty and unconventional, with a strong desire to be classy, unique and tasteful.


Now that you know your shades, make sure to only contact the best paint company in India with expert trained professionals. It can greatly enhance both the overall appearance of your home as well as your personality.


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