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Unlocking the Ultimate Benefits of British Paints Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion
Design 19.09.2023

Unlocking the Ultimate Benefits of British Paints Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion

Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion is a 100% acrylic emulsion paint especially formulated for superior performance on exterior walls due to its unique water resistant properties against fungi, algae and dampness caused by lashing rain. British Paints Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion has anti-carbonation property ( added structural protection – which does not allow carbon dioxide & chloride ions to penetrate into the structure ) when applied as a system i.e. British Paints Supra Exterior Wall Primer as a base coat plus British Paints Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion as top coat . 

Your home is your haven, and protecting it from the elements is paramount. British Paints Optima 7 waterproof colour for home is your ultimate solution for safeguarding your exterior walls while enhancing their beauty. Let's delve into the remarkable benefits that make Optima 7 a must-have for homeowners.  

1. Superior Waterproofing:

   - Optima 7 is not just water-resistant; it offers superior waterproofing exterior emulsion,. It forms a robust barrier on your exterior walls, preventing water from seeping through and causing damage. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks, peeling paint, and dampness.  

2. Long-Lasting Protection:

   - Optima 7's advanced formula is designed for longevity. It provides durable protection against rain, humidity, and other weather-related challenges. With Optima 7, your exterior walls will stay beautiful and intact for years to come.  

3. Exceptional Adhesion:

   - This exterior emulsion offers exceptional adhesion, ensuring that the paint adheres firmly to the surface. It resists flaking and chipping, even in high-traffic areas, keeping your home's exterior looking fresh and vibrant.  

4. UV Resistance:

   - British Paints Optima 7 is equipped with UV-resistant properties. It shields your walls from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, preventing fading and maintaining the paint's original color and finish.  

5. Mold and Algae Protection:

   - Optima 7 contains anti-mold and anti-algae agents that inhibit the growth of these unsightly organisms on your exterior walls. This not only preserves the aesthetics but also ensures a healthier living environment.  

6. Easy Application:

   - Optima 7 is designed for hassle-free application. Its smooth consistency and excellent coverage make it easy for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters to achieve a flawless finish.  

7. Breathable Coating:

   - While Optima 7 forms a waterproof barrier, it also allows your walls to breathe. This breathable coating prevents the buildup of moisture within the walls, which can lead to structural issues over time.

 8. Eco-Friendly Choice:

   - British Paints is committed to environmental responsibility. Optima 7 is low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making it a safer and more eco-friendly choice for your home.

 9. Wide Color Range:

   - Optima 7 offers an extensive range of colors, allowing you to express your personal style and give your home a unique and inviting look.

 10. Cost-Effective Investment:

 - Investing in British Paints Optima 7 is a smart choice. By protecting your home's exterior from weather-related damage, you can potentially save on costly repairs and repainting in the long run.

 In summary

British Paints Optima 7 Waterproofing Exterior Emulsion is more than just paint; it's a shield for your home. It combines aesthetics with unmatched protection, ensuring that your home remains a beautiful, welcoming, and safe place for you and your family. Make the smart choice for your home's exterior and experience the ultimate benefits of Optima 7.


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