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Diwali Vastu Tips for a Prosperous Home
Design 10.11.2023

Diwali Vastu Tips for a Prosperous Home

Diwali, the celebration of lamps, is a time for rejuvenating our houses with cleansing, artwork, and rich decorations. It's also a moment to ask for wealth and joy in our lives. One method to achieve this is by following the principles of Vastu Shastra, an antique Indian design of architecture and method that focuses on creating harmony and balance in our residence rooms. By aligning our places with Vastu regulations, we can enhance the promising power flow within our houses. Here are some concise yet effective Vastu advice to regard implementing in your home this Diwali for a better prosperous future.

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1. Start with Your Entryway  

Your entry serves as the first image for visitors joining your home. To make a welcoming and attractive environment, provide it is well-lit. Good lighting not just illuminates the room but also asks optimistic energy. Counting a hint of greenery with potted works can also improve the welcoming atmosphere of your entrance.  

Believe smudging your door in a colourful and rich colour to entice favourable energy. shades such as light, orange, and red are believed to get good luck and positivity according to Vastu principles.  

2. Declutter and Renovate the Living Room  

The living room is often the heart of the home, where family and friends gather. To align it with Vastu principles, arrange the furniture in a way that promotes positive energy flow. For instance, position the sofa against a wall rather than in the middle of the room.  

Choose house wall paint colours that adhere to Vastu guidelines. Bright and metallic shades like red, green, and blue are considered favourable as they create a sense of high energy and positivity in the room.  

3. Hang a Wind Chime and Use Auspicious Symbols  

A wind chime, when hung near the entry door, is believed to encourage the flow of positive energy and attract good luck and fortune into your home. Its gentle, soothing sound is thought to ward off negative vibes.  

Decorate your home with auspicious symbols associated with wealth and prosperity, such as the Swastika, elephant, and lotus flower. These symbols are known to bring blessings and abundance into your life.  

4. Focus on the Kitchen  

The kitchen plays a vital role in our homes, as it is where meals are prepared and the element of fire is present. To align your kitchen with Vastu principles, place the stove in the southeast direction. This positioning is believed to promote proper cooking and good health.  

Keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free to facilitate the smooth flow of energy. The right choice of house painting colours for the kitchen is equally important. Opt for shades like grey, blue, green, or yellow, as these colours symbolize health, prosperity, and happiness. Brighter colours can be used for cabinetry, while white is ideal for countertops.  


By incorporating these simple yet profound Vastu tips into your home this Diwali, you can invite good fortune, health, and happiness into your life. Consider scheduling a house painting project to refresh your living spaces in time for the festival. These small changes in your home can make a significant difference in the positive energy and abundance you experience. May your Diwali be filled with prosperity, joy, and well-being!


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