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Creating Texture: A Guide to Choosing the Best Paint and Techniques for Textured Walls
Design 15.05.2023

Creating Texture: A Guide to Choosing the Best Paint and Techniques for Textured Walls

Painting textured walls can be a challenging task, but with the right knowledge and techniques, it can be a rewarding one as well. Choosing the right paint for textured walls can make a big difference in achieving the desired finish. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best paint for textured walls, how to apply it, why textured walls are important, and how to get the best texture walls. We will also be focusing on British paints, and will not be mentioning other brand names.

How Important Textured Walls Are

A fantastic technique to give space depth and intrigue is using textured walls. Walls with texture may offer visual appeal, assist establish a focal point, and give the space a distinctive personality. There are several techniques to create textured walls, including utilizing wallpaper, stencils, or textured paint. Using textured walls may be a fantastic method to cover up wall flaws like cracks, bumps, and unevenness. Another fantastic technique to make a space feel warm and welcoming is using textured walls.


Applying Textured Paint

It's crucial to thoroughly prepare the surface before using textured paint. Dust, filth, and oil should be removed from the surface. Any holes or fractures in the wall should be filled before being properly sanded. Applying the textured paint will need to wait until the surface is clean and smooth.

There are several ways to apply textured paint, including using a roller, brush, or trowel. The method chosen will depend on the kind of paint being used and the desired texture. It's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for the paint being used because various types of textured paint could call for various application techniques.


To guarantee an equal application, it's crucial to work in tiny parts while applying textured paint. Additionally, it's crucial to slightly overlap each part to make sure that no spaces are left out or sections are overlooked. It's crucial to check the wall once the paint has dried for any missing spots or uneven surfaces and touch up as necessary.

How to Get the Best Textured Walls

1.       1. The best texture walls take careful planning and execution. The following advice will help you create the best-textured red walls:

2.       2. carefully prepare the surface -As was already discussed, it's crucial to carefully prepare the surface before using textured paint. This include patching up any holes or cracks as well as washing the surface to remove any dust, grime, or oil.

3.       3. Pick the proper paint – To get the desired finish on textured walls, using the right paint is crucial. The best paints for textured walls are usually those with a matte or flat finish since they don't reflect light and can cover up wall defects.  

4. Experiment with different methods - Stippling, sponging, or rag rolling are just a few of the numerous methods that may be used to create textured walls. A distinctive and fascinating texture may be created by experimenting with various approaches.

5. Practise makes perfect - It could take some practice to get the ideal texture. Before attempting a bigger area, it is crucial to practice the method on a small area first.


 In conclusion, adding depth and interest to a space with textured walls might be a terrific idea. For the desired result, selecting the best paint for textured walls is crucial. The finest paints for textured walls often have a flat or matte finish, and it's crucial to pick the ideal shade to go with the room. When it comes to British paints, they offer a wide range of textured paint options that can suit your needs and achieve your desired texture, and we hope this blog has been helpful in guiding you toward the best options for your project.


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