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Kerala Region Loyalty Club Dealers Awards Night on 17th June 23

In a splendid celebration that combined the allure of Goa with the spirit of achievement, the stage was set for the Kerala Region Loyalty Club Dealers Awards Night. The event,  graced by the presence of over 80 dedicated dealer partners, unfolded as a captivating evening of performances and recognition.

Amidst the coastal charm of Goa, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, creating the perfect backdrop for a night of both entertainment and accolades. An exquisite fusion of talents and accomplishments, performances lit up the stage, showcasing the vibrant diversity of talents among the dealer partners. As the spotlight turned to the awards ceremony, the collective dedication of the partners was acknowledged and celebrated.

The synergy of Goa's ambiance and the collective enthusiasm of the dealer partners gave birth to an atmosphere of joy and togetherness. With every applause and every award, the event echoed the unity and camaraderie that define the crowd.

The event was a space for connections to flourish, collaborations to be nurtured, and achievements to be honoured. It was a platform where performance and recognition danced hand in hand, demonstrating the fruitful outcome of hard work and dedication.

As the night concluded, the echoes of Goa's performance-filled evening will continue to inspire and resonate within the hearts of the Kerala Region Loyalty Club dealer partners. This event was a true reflection of the shared spirit that propels them forward on their journey of success. Dealers also explored Goa City, beaches and many more attractive spots.


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